How an Expert Quiz Funnel Can Grow Your Business

An expert quiz is a potent tool for business growth. It is also very different from the Buzzfeed style quizzes you see floating around on the internet.

In this blog we’ll cover the following:

  1. What is an expert quiz?
  2. What are some sales and marketing uses?
  3. How to create & make the most of your expert quiz?

Let’s get started.

What is an Expert Quiz?

An expert quiz is also known as a diagnostic assessment, maturity model, or scorecard.

It is a way for experts to:

  1. Help their clients understand what their current state is
  2. Define a desired future state and
  3. Create a roadmap to get there

It basically consists of a series of questions followed by a diagnosis or result. The result must yield an insight or help respondents see the information they provided in a different light. Multiple questions could also be organized into categories or dimensions to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the subject area.

For example:

  1. A business assessment may ask different questions about finance, marketing and operations. The respondent will see their overall score and what they could do to improve or balance their business. This could be structured as a Wheel of Business for a very simple and powerful snapshot of overall performance.
  2. A DISC assessment or a Big 5 personality assessment are also great examples. These help the respondents understand their personality types and organize their business or personal matters appropriately.
  3. The versatile Wheel of Life is another tool used by coaches for different purposes. The basic wheel can be customized for various purposes.
  4. Consultants can use maturity models, such as on digital or analytics maturity. These are very useful for clients to understand how they are doing, and can lead to creation of roadmaps that consultants can work with their clients on.

Consultants, coaches, and experts of all kinds (technology, process, or business) may create sophisticated quizzes in areas of their expertise.

Free templates are available on Evalinator to customize and use for your own coaching or consulting business.

Sales & Marketing Use Cases of an Expert Quiz

Think of your expert quiz as a strategic business growth tool.

Here are a few different applications:

  1. Lead generation – use as a quiz funnel to create curiosity and get your audience to take the quiz. Visitors on your website who would have just clicked away will now likely take the quiz. You can also run advts to your quiz to generate leads.
  2. Lead qualification – an expert quiz can work as a sales needs assessment tool to improve sales efficiency by having prospects take the assessment to determine urgency and scope
  3. Personalized sales pursuits – a nurturing tool to use the data provided by prospects to make every follow-up meaningful
  4. Client onboarding – a tool to create a baseline as you onboard clients because you start with a clear analysis of needs
  5. Account growth – a cross-sell/up-sell tool to position your offers based on a roadmap you develop with clients
  6. Show & tell – a value identification tool that shows your clients how you are partnering with them strategically

Now that you can appreciate the many uses of an expert quiz, here are a few things to keep in mind so you can be successful with your expert quiz or assessment.

How to Make the Most of your Expert Quiz

While creating a quiz is very easy, there is a strategy to be followed if you want to be really successful with your quiz, especially if you sell to B2B or enterprise clients.

1. Define a Narrow Subject Area for your Expert Quiz

Often we try to make an expert quiz that can do multiple things at once. However, research has shown that the narrower the focus, the better your results.

It’s tempting to create a “strategic” maturity model that covers a very large scope.

For example, if you a professional services firm selling multiple technology services, you may create a digital maturity model. This is a great model for C-level conversations but it may not be right for 2 reasons:

  1. If your target audience is generally several levels down from the CIO, then this high level model may not resonate with the practical challenges that your audience is trying to solve every day. For example, consider data & analytics leaders, operations leaders, or leaders of various technology application portfolios.
  2. Even a higher level model must be personalized. If you tailor the default maturity model template that Evalinator includes in your subscription with your own specific industry knowledge, then the C-level audience is much more likely to engage better.

So, your expert quiz model must be aligned to your audience and your offers. That way it will deliver meaningful insights, and have enough specificity around industry processes, trends, etc. to be relevant.

While the underlying principles are the same, a narrower assessment can be much more impactful and relevant to stakeholders.

Here’s a short video that walks through a strategy workbook to show how you can approach this.

2. Create an Expert Quiz “Ladder” for your Subject Area

ladderThis strategy addresses how to create a series of assessments that work like a ladder. Following this approach means that you can use the same basic asset for different stages of your funnel.

2a. The top-of-the-funnel or lead generation expert quiz

This is a broad and easy-to-take assessment with about 8-12 questions. It offers immediate value in terms of a useful framework to think about the problem. It can also provide some generic insights.

For example, “what’s your overall digital maturity”, or “Assess your sales methodology”, and other expert quizzes are good candidates. They are curiosity inducing and offer instant value and gratification in return for very small investment of time and brain.

You can narrow these expert quizzes down for better returns. These types of quizzes are popularly called quiz funnels and used for lead generation.

2b. The Middle & Bottom of the Funnel Expert Quiz

Once a prospect has come in through your top of the funnel quiz, this next expert quiz is more specific and goes into more details.

This is primarily used by sales during discovery calls or meetings. At this stage, prospects are likely to share more openly and provide more details about their situation.

The intent at this level is to build trust by offering offer insights and advice on how clients can best achieve their objectives.

A good way to think about the expert quiz at this level is that you are drilling down into the dimensions you covered in the top of the funnel quiz. Each question in the high level quiz becomes 2-4 additional questions. The subject area is the same, but with more detail.

Note: You can also use this detailed expert quiz at an existing client to identify areas of opportunity and engage the clients into a valuable conversation.

2c. The Account Growth or Relationship Growth Expert Quiz

The account growth quiz may not go into more detail, but is much more tailored and personalized to your clients specific processes and systems. It builds in questions and terminology that is deeply relevant to them.

The idea for an expert quiz at this level is to serve as a baseline for the clients current maturity (a maturity model). Then you can collaborate with clients to identify areas where you can help them. You can also offer assistance with some identified opportunity areas as a way to build a base for future revenue by proving your credentials and building trust.

So an expert quiz used in this manner becomes a powerful account growth tool.

3. Use Your Expert Quiz for Content Marketing and Branding

content marketing & brandingYour expert quiz is a treasure trove of data. You have aggregated information on the various questions which can yield interesting patterns and insights.

Use these insights in blogs or newsletters to clients. You can even use these to host webinars and get clients & prospects to share their thoughts.

Consistently sharing valuable content and insights based on your expert quiz will result in positive brand benefits as well. You will start to becomes known in the market as an expert in that areas. More content would also mean better SEO and more ways to engage clients.

See this blog on getting started with authority marketing.

Next Steps

Now that you have seen how versatile an expert quiz or assessment can be, go ahead and create one now. There is a 2 week free trial.

There are several templates available for experts and you can use them as a starting point.

Once you subscribe, let us know if you’d like to discuss your strategy. We’ll be happy to help!

We are rooting for you!


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