The Character Strengths Finder Assessment Template

The character Strengths Finder assessment is a very useful coaching tool for personal and professional development.

It first originated in 2000 from a research led by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman.  They went on to create the VIA institute which offers a Strength Finder assessment and then builds on this research for several other commercial offerings.

This Strengths Finder assessment uses the same scientific research and offers an interactive assessment for use by coaches with their clients. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete. It has 120 questions designed to identify how strong are each of the respondent’s 24 character strengths.

The concept of character strengths has profoundly influenced the way respondents can harness their innate abilities.

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Use it for your practice along with a Wheel of Life, DISC, and Big 5 personality test. Round up your coaching toolkit with an optional custom assessment tailored to the needs of your practice. Use for lead generation, onboarding, or ongoing coaching. 

These are all included with your Evalinator subscription (see plans with free 14 day trial here). They all come with goal-setting features to onboard and engage clients. 

Benefits of the Strength Finder Assessment

Think of it as a strategic tool designed to empower your client with insights about them and actionable steps they can take to be more effective in your role.

The benefits for your clients are:

  • Discover: Uncover the archetype that perfectly captures the essence of their personality.
  • Find Meaning : It enables them to be more authentic and compelling.
  • Drive Consistent Growth: Harness the emotional resonance of their personality

Note: As with any such test, this assessment provides a overview and a snapshot at a point in time. As a coach you can offer your clients much more detailed knowledge of these strengths and how they can use the knowledge to improve. 

The 24 Character Strengths

There are 24 character strengths in this assessment. 

  1. Creativity: Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things.
  2. Curiosity: Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; exploring and discovering.
  3. Open-Mindedness: Thinking things through and examining them from all sides; not jumping to conclusions.
  4. Love of Learning: Mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge, whether on one’s own or formally.
  5. Perspective: Being able to provide wise counsel to others; having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself and others.
  6. Courage: Not shrinking from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain; acting on convictions even if unpopular.
  7. Persistence: Finishing what one starts; persisting in a course of action in spite of obstacles.
  8. Integrity: Speaking the truth and presenting oneself in a genuine way; being sincere and genuine.
  9. Vitality: Approaching life with excitement and energy; feeling alive and activated.
  10. Capacity for Love: Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated.
  11. Kindness: Doing favors and good deeds for others; helping them; taking care of them.
  12. Emotional Intelligence: Being aware of the motives and feelings of other people and oneself; knowing what to do to fit into different social situations.
  13. Citizenship: Working well as a member of a group or team; being loyal to the group; doing one’s share.
  14. Fairness: Treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice; not letting personal feelings bias decisions about others.
  15. Leadership: Encouraging a group of which one is a member to get things done and at the same time maintaining good relations within the group.
  16. Forgiveness: Forgiving those who have done wrong; accepting others’ shortcomings; giving people a second chance; not being vengeful.
  17. Humility: Letting one’s accomplishments speak for themselves; not regarding oneself as more special than one is.
  18. Prudence: Being careful about one’s choices; not taking undue risks; not saying or doing things that might later be regretted.
  19. Self-Control: Regulating what one feels and does; being disciplined; controlling one’s appetites and emotions.
  20. Appreciation of Beauty: Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in various domains of life.
  21. Gratitude: Being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen; taking time to express thanks.
  22. Hope: Expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about.
  23. Humor: Liking to laugh and tease; bringing smiles to other people; seeing the light side; making (not necessarily telling) jokes.
  24. Spirituality: Having coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe; knowing where one fits within the larger scheme; having beliefs about the meaning of life that shape conduct and provide comfort.

The Character Strengths Finder assessment offers a fresh perspective on your personality. 

Benefits of Using Evalinator

Evalinator adds several features for coaches to better utilize the basic character strengths finder assessment:

  1. Launch your own branded Strengths Finder assessment for your coaching practice.
  2. Give your clients their dominant character strengths rank ordered from strongest to weakest
  3. Provide actionable next steps on what respondents can do to build that strength further.
  4. Set short and long term goals, and engage with their respondents in a very collaborative manner.
  5. Use the assessment in a group setting for group coaching
  6. Customize the landing page and the next steps.
  7. Combine it with a Wheel of Life or another assessment such as the DISC for comprehensive coaching.

What’s more, as a subscriber to Evalinator, the Strengths Finder assessment is included with your subscription! Combined with other assessments, it becomes an excellent tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and decision-making.

Try It

If you’re a coach, try out the Character Strengths Finder assessment now (opens in a new window).

This assessment is included with your subscription and is an excellent coaching tool.

You can tailor the questions and the outputs if you’d like.  In addition, Evalinator provides you with a full coaching toolkit including goal setting and before-after analysis.

The  Character Strengths Finder assessment can be combined with your own Wheel of Life that you can also create with Evalinator. Together, these 2 assessments make up an excellent toolkit to help clients with their journey.

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