About Us

Our mission is to upgrade every touchpoint into a contextual conversation.

Why Evalinator?

Evalinator is a result of a quest to help clients meet their goals. 


At its heart, every coaching, sales, marketing, and consulting conversation is about meeting goals. So the real challenge is to uncover what those goals are, how those goals can be met, and if there is a mutual fit. That means we must create a contextual and personalized environment with clients and prospects in which to carry out a conversation. 


However, the current model of marketing and sales has become too noisy. Instead of being focused on the customer we have become focused on simply meeting traffic and funnel metrics.


As a result, we are unable to effectively address the real leading indicators such as customer trust, relationship strength, goals, and aspirations.


Evalinator aims to upgrade this transactional customer engagement model to one that is based on trust and goals. It helps you provide value to clients with the very first touchpoint. Every contact you have with clients becomes an insights-led conversation, not just a “check-in”.


Let your expertise shine.