Our Mission

Bring the context of your vision to the inherent chaos and entropy of activities intended to get you there

Why Evalinator?

Evalinator started with a quest to help clients understand how they were performing on a set of predefined criteria. So we made interactive assessments & quizzes.

Then when we zoomed out, we saw that at its heart, every coaching, sales, marketing, and consulting conversation is about meeting goals. So the real challenge is to uncover what those goals are, how those goals can be met, if there is a mutual fit, and how to make progress. That means we must create a contextual and personalized environment in which to carry out such conversations that can lead to a shared vision. 

Such a shared vision automatically puts the focus squarely on the outcomes, not the activities and tasks. As a result we can define and do the things that matter. So our metrics start reflecting the “value created” too.

In the end, Evalinator helps us not lose sight of our goals. It upgrades the transactional nature of tasks and activities to one that is based on mutual trust and value. It helps you provide value from the get go. Every contact you have becomes an insights-led conversation, not just a “check-in”.

Let your expertise shine.

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