Setup Your Custom Wheel of Life Online

If you are a coach or consultant, then a custom Wheel of Life that lives on your website is an excellent coaching assessment tool.

Your online and custom wheel:

  1. Helps your clients evaluate where they stand on multiple dimensions of their life or business
  2. That awareness becomes the first step towards working with you to make the needed changes and improve.
  3. You can then use goals and before-after analysis to help your clients make progress

In addition, you can:

  1. Convert more visitors into leads by providing immediate value
  2. Personalize your discovery session and make your follow-ups very targeted
  3.  Use it with existing clients to track progress from quarter to quarter (or month to month)
  4. Retain more clients and secure larger coaching packages because clients can see the value directly
  5. Distribute it widely to build your brand and raise awareness of your services  

In this post we will show how to create a custom Wheel of Life in as little as 30 minutes!

Who Can Use An Online Custom Wheel of Life? 

The online Wheel of Life can be used by a variety of coaches and consultants. Some of the many different applications of Wheel are:

  • Life coaches can address dimensions such as career, family, friendships, financial security etc.
  • Business coaches could look at leadership, sales, marketing, people, customer service etc.
  • Career coaches might examine culture fit, skills, growth, executive presence, storytelling, etc.
  • Health coaches can look at categories such as diet, exercise, stress, etc.

Try these example Wheels:

  1. Wheel of Life
  2. Wheel of Business
  3. Wheel of Health

A Wheel of Life is very flexible because it can be tailored to any kind of application.

Typically, a wheel has multiple dimensions – generally 8-10 categories – that clients assess themselves on. The categories can cover both personal and professional aspects of one’s life or business.

The assessment takes only a few minutes. At the end of the exercise an individual can clearly see the areas of prioritization, and can decide how to make a change supported by their coach. This makes for a very powerful and visual way of looking at the entire subject area at a glance.

For example, this is what the results of a Wheel of Life client look like. Once this assessment is taken, coaches then have a lot of flexibility in working with their clients. They can use this to set the right goals, measure progress etc.

Wheel of Life


Creating Your Own Custom Wheel of Life

Evalinator provides a great way to create and customize your own wheel of life online and host it on your website. You can start with a Wheel of Life template and adjust it to your liking. There is no credit card required for a 21 day free trial so you can try for yourself.  

There are templates available for:

  • A Traditional Wheel of Life: simple and easy to use with standard facets such as family, friends, career, hobbies, faith etc.
  • A Business Wheel: covers the basics of business such as marketing, revenue, customer satisfaction, operations etc.
  • Wheel of Health: covers different dimensions of health such as diet, exercise, hygiene, etc.
  • Wheel with Dimensions: this keeps a few higher level categories and has options to add more detailed questions. For example, you may want to ask 3 questions under the overall “Family” category (or dimension) to assess the satisfaction with this dimension of the wheel.  

Or you can start from scratch to give yourself complete flexibility. Here’s how you may want to customize your Wheel of Life to personalize your approach for optimal customer experience. 

Tip: When you first start creating, it’s best to just breeze through the various steps without deliberating too much. Once you see your Wheel of Life live, then you can go back and adjust things (edit questions, add images, refine descriptions etc.) to make it ready for primetime.

Step 1: Getting Started

After signing in, hit the “create assessment” button. The first thing you’ll enter is the title. Be sure to select the “Wheel of Life” option. You can always edit all this later. Put in a nice catchy title that your audience will identify with.

Evalinator Basics page


Once you get through this step, you’ll begin to see a whole range of menu options on the top. We’ll walk through them next!

  evalinator tabs bar

Step 2: Setting Up Questions

A typical wheel of life, shows each question and its score on the polar chart. You can set up each question in the “Questions” section. All you have to do is to enter a short phrase and then the actual question itself. For example: “Career” and “How happy are you with your career growth trajectory?”. These questions will then show up as a “Wheel of Life”.

It’s recommended you keep between 8-12 questions so as not to overcrowd the wheel.

wheel of life question setup

For many coaches, it’s enough to set up these questions because it gets them to a point where they can begin the process of introspection and discovery with their clients.

A typical Wheel of Life is made up of “rating scale” type questions. For example, respondents choose their score on each question from 1 to 10.


wheel of life - interactive content


Step 3: Rolling Up Scores by Dimensions (optional)

However, there are cases where you have many more questions to ask because you want to present a more comprehensive picture. So you will  want to have multiple questions that roll up into a single dimension. For example, you may have 3 questions under career, and 4 questions under family.  For business coaches or consultants, these could be 3 questions on marketing, and 3 on technology along with several other dimensions.

This is where dimensions help.

Doing this is easy. First, in the “options” section, select the option to show dimensions when the users see their results. Showing by dimensions means that questions will not be mapped to dimensions instead of their scores being shown on their own.

wheel of life option settings - dimensions

Now, in the “dimensions” section, set up your dimensions.  These dimensions will show up on the polar chart, instead of each question.

wheel of life dimensions

Finally, when you set up your questions, select the dimension for each question. You can map more than one dimension to each question. 

map question to dimensions

If there are multiple questions for a dimension, then an average of the scores will be taken. 

Step 4: Setting Up Feedback Texts (optional)

This is a really nice feature because as a coach you can now give some personal advice to your respondents. This advice also serves to build rapport and trust with a respondent who is not yet a client.

You do that in the feedback text section of each question. For each of the scores 1-10 you can specify personalized feedback. Practically, you may just want to do it by ranges. For example, a specific feedback for those scoring between 8-10 on a question, a different feedback for those scoring between 4-7, and then finally a different feedback text for those scoring 1-3.    

feedback texts wheel of life

Additional Ways to Personalize Your Custom Wheel of Life

As you think about your Wheel, you have these additional options.

  1. Rolling up scores by dimensions, instead of per question – for example, two or more questions may roll up into career.
  2. Showing comparison benchmarks to users. This is typically used for business assessments and interactive content. For example, here’s how other CEOs rated in your industry.
  3. Asking for email address before or after the assessment has been taken
  4. Following up with respondents to help them, and to determine if they should subscribe to your paid services.

Customizing all this is fairly simple. 


These 4 simple steps above should help you create your custom Wheel of Life for multiple purposes – business, personal, and life coaches. Of course there are other settings too. To see the configuration “options” available to you, please look at this post. This post on The Coaching Tools Company also covers a Wheel of Life pretty comprehensively.

Custom Wheel of Life assessments are a powerful way to help your customers. They are also useful in sales lead generation and sales follow up scenarios. Every successful engagement starts with self awareness and bench-marking.

Next steps

If a Wheel of Life seems to be for you, then there is nothing better than testing it out! Get started for free and craft your first assessment. We are here to help you be successful.

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