Integrate Using Zapier to Automate Your Sales & Marketing Workflows

Zapier Evalinator integrationsEvalinator is on Zapier so you can automate your sales and marketing workflows!

And it’s embedded now so you don’t have to step outside Evalinator to set up your zaps!

This gives you the ability to easily connect your assessments to more than 5000 tools and systems in Zapier’s ecosystem.


Imagine Automating These Sales and Marketing Workflows

Using Evalinator you can reflect your expertise into actionable assessments. And Zapier integrations dramatically increase your efficiency and revenue enablement.

  1. Visitors on your website who would normally just read stuff and click away, now take the Evalinator quiz you have posted online. Their contact information can go straight to your marketing automation system for qualification and nurturing
  2. Your sales team uses Evalinator assessments during client meetings or as a follow up to the meeting. You can capture that detailed context into your CRM (e.g. Hubspot, pipedrive, MS Dynamics, or Salesforce)
  3. You have an upcoming prospect meeting. So you take an assessment on their behalf to serve as a talking point (e.g. about their data analytics or cyber security maturity). That context is also now available in your CRM!
  4. You have an existing account you are looking to grow by upselling and cross-selling your services. How about creating a maturity model on Evalinator, and use that to create conversations that are focused on them! All that information can also flow into your CRM.

With Evalinator and Zaper you have access to a dual power to automate your sales and marketing workflows.

  • Evalinator provides a great way to monetize your CRM and marketing automation investments.
  • Zapier helps make all that magic happen seamlessly.

Most common Zaps (this is what integrations are called on Zapier) capture email addresses and send assessment data to CRM or marketing automation systems. For example, if you are using your online assessments for lead generation, then every new response is a new lead. You probably want to send the details to your email list so that you can initiate an email sequence designed to provide more information and position your offers.

In addition to that, an integration serves more advanced use cases. For example, when customers take the assessment again as part of a before-after scenario you may want to send an email with some pre-defined next steps based on their total score, or notify the account management team.

Here’s How It Works

Once a response to your assessment is received, Evalinator will send information such as respondent name, email, overall score, questions, selected responses, question scores, dimensions (if you have configured them), dimension scores, and profile responses (if you have configured them).  You can select which data you would like to capture in your destination system. At a minimum, you can choose first name, last name, and email address so you can place the respondents on the desired email sequence in your email marketing system.

Here’s the overall sequence of the process to set this up and automate your sales and marketing workflows.

It only takes a few minutes if you have your credentials on hand.

  1. Get your Evalinator API Key to use on Zapier
  2. Create a new Zap on Zapier
  3. Select Evalinator as the “Trigger” system, authenticate using your API Key.
  4. Select your target system for the “Action” (e.g. Constant Contact, gmail, FloDesk etc).
  5. Authenticate yourself on the target system
  6. Map the data from Evalinator that you would like to send to the target system.
  7. Turn your Zap on!

Let’s go!

First, Get your Evalinator API Key For Zapier

Log into your Evalinator account, and go to the “Integration” section of your assesssment. Select Zapier from the drop down of available systems, and then click, “Set as Provider”.


Next, click on “Show Settings”, which should show you the API Key that has been generated for you.

  1. Copy the API Key and keep it safe somewhere
  2. Click on “Save” to map the key to your account. Now it can be used for Zapier.


After you click “Save”, you’re all set on Evalinator. Now you have to go to Zapier and set up your integration.

Setting up Zapier

Just click on “Open Zapier” to access the Zapier experience withoout leaving your Evalinator account. Click on “Create Zap“. Then search for Evalinator in the list of systems.



You’ll come to the following Zap setup screen. The Evalinator trigger is called as “New Response”. Evalinator instantly sends your responses to Zapier so it’s marked as “Instant”. You don’t have to do anything here yet so just make sure it looks right.


Click “Continue” and then click “Connect”.  You will enter your username and password next.

  1. For username, type in the email address for your Evalinator account.
  2. For the password, paste the API key your copied from Evalinator.

If you enter these credentials correctly, you should see a successfully connected message. This means that your Evalinator account is now connected and sending responses to Zapier. Next step is to send that data to your marketing automation system or any other system that is connected to Zapier. That step is called setting up an “Action”.

Set up your Zapier Action

An “action” tells Zapier what do when it receives a “trigger” from Evalinator. A trigger is nothing but a message to Zapier from Evalinator that a “New Response” has been received for your assessment on Evalinator.

While we’ve set up several pre-defined Zap templates for you, we describe below the generic way to create Zaps so you get the full picture. If you decide to use our templates, then some of the steps below will be short circuited.

So, as an example, let’s send the response we received to Constant Contact. At this point, also name your Zap to reflect this integration. For example “Evalinator-ConstantContact”.

Click on the “+” icon on the Zap setup screen and search for Constant Contact in the list of apps.


Zapier will now prompt you to log in to your account at Constant Contact. Once you’ve done that, you’ll come back to Zapier and map the data from Evalinator to the fields in Constant Contact. And you’ll also select the contact list you want to use in Constant Contact. We recommend you set up a new list in Constant Contact, such as “Assessment Responses”.



Once you’ve done this, you’re done!

PS: Make sure you use a “list” or “source” field in your target system. Some times, if you don’t specify anything, it means you are opting the prospect out. It doesn’t happen often but just be careful and test out your integration once after you publish the Zap before using it with real customers.

Click “Continue”. You will receive a prompt to test the trigger and integration. Remember this is only test data so what you see does not reflect your actual assessment and questions.

Zapier will then prompt you to turn your Zap on. You’ll see something like the screen below. You see the gmail icon below because we tested our Zap by sending the test data to gmail.


Now, Evalinator will send responses and appropriate data over to Zapier, and then Zapier will send them to the system you have set up as the destination.

At this point, open the live link to your assessment, and take your assessment as a new user. You should see that record in the target system of your choice within a couple of minutes. The Zap integration with Evalinator is instantaneous.

So give it a shot. Sign up for the free trial and start automating your sales and marketing workflows

Happy Zapping!

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