Amplify Your Coaching Edge

Bring your unique coaching philosophy to life with customized assessments. 


Templates to create your own Wheel of Life, DISC, Big 5, Strengths Finder, and others.


Engage clients with baseline analysis, goal setting, and before-after analysis.


Grow your coaching business.


Quick start in 10 minutes. Free Trial. Personalized Support.


Create Immediate and Personalized Value Exchange at Every Step


Don’t lose prospective clients to indecision. Use expert quizzes & assessments to engage them and provide instant value. No more messing around with expensive & difficult to parse surveys and forms. Get a birds eye view of the baseline. 


Help clients visualize the transformation and use SMART goals to make progress. Keep up a productive dialog that engages clients & delivers outcomes incrementally. Think of this as your accountability system.


Exit the tiring treadmill of content generation. Your expertise is unique. Use your assessments as a strategic content calendar, and share insights from it. Targeted value exchange positions you as a trusted expert. It’s just science


Let go of abstract and subjective measurements of progress and value delivered. Now you can use the built in before & after analysis features. This allows for a collaborative, goal and process-oriented approach at every milestone.  Always have the north star available.

“We coach C-suite clients. Evalinator enables our thought leadership to be experienced by them first hand. They love to see benchmark information and what they can do to improve. And that’s where we come in to help.”

Spiria Inc

Enabling Talent Transformation

What Other Coaches are Saying

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Customizable Coaching Assessment Templates

Create a combination that is right for your coaching practice. e.g. combine the Strengths Finder or DISC with a Wheel of Life

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

The Wheel of Life

An Online Wheel of Life

Big 5 personality assessment

The Big 5 Personality Assessment

The Big 5 Personality Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Roadmap

Business Assessment / Wheel

Overall Business Assessment


Strengths Finder

Strengths Finder Assessment


DISC Assessment

DISC Assessment


Human Design Type

Human Design Type

Communications Style

Communication Style Assessment

Communication Style

“I coach aspiring immigrant executives and entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset and want to break through obstacles and thrive. Not everyone wants to get on a discovery call right away so I created the Happiness Quiz using Evalinator. This starts a personalized dialog and is a nice way to engage prospects at their own pace.”

Genki Coaching​

Performance Coaching

An Intuitive System to Blend With Your Unique Coaching Style

Focus on what you do best – helping your clients

Comprehensive Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard that shows you not only your clients results, but also offers a way to quickly access their assessments and evolution over time.


Access analytics by question, dimension, and profile. See overall aggregated results to gain unique insights into clients primary challenges and opportunities.  These aggregated results lead to shareable insights when interpreted using the lens of your unique expertise.


Organize users into groups to track results and progress by group, and drill down into individual results.

comprehensive - dashboard Coaches Coaching Tools
Intuitive-studio coaching tools

Intuitive Studio

Whether you are a life coach, enterprise performance coach, or a leadership coach, customize our templates to accelerate your time to market and bring out your expertise. 


Choose between multi-dimensional or single dimension assessments, deploy a simple yet powerful Wheel of Life, or create an entire suite of scored and personality assessments to match your offerings.


The interactions will reflect your unique point of view and establish you as a reference anchor in your clients’ minds. Help both prospects and clients achieve balance and clarity.

Integrated Client Experience

A streamlined coach – client experience that aggregates information in one place instead of fragmented information.


See a visual status of the client’s transformation across multiple dimensions, dig deep into reflection and advise, and then set SMART goals to create a seamless accountability system. 


Automatic email notifications keep you and the client updated in real time with the progress being made.

integrated-coaching experience coaching tools

“There are parallels between how principles of science can be applied in life. I published a book titled ‘Life Imitates Science’ detailing these principles (available on Amazon). I work with clients and help them gain a clearer understanding as to what may be mitigating them from moving forward. Evalinator allowed me to easily offer both life and business assessments to clients. These assessments channel my experience and expertise into an excellent client relationship starter, and also as an ongoing coaching tool based on benchmarking and goal setting”


The Epiphany Experience

Achieve Your Goals


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Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

3 Easy Steps

We are here to help


Use our templates. Create online assessments and quizzes tailored to your audience and expertise.


Generate leads. Help clients with their transformation  – assess current state, visualize desired state, and use a SMART goals-driven accountability system.


At every milestone, use intuitive before-after pictures that emerge naturally as clients re-assess themselves. Create a predictable, mutually beneficial relationship. 

Features Specially Designed For Experts

Variety of Quizzes & Assessments

Match your branding for a consistent experience. Have different question types such as multiple choice, single select, and sliding scale. Choose from multiple quiz types – type, scored, personality, wheels of life, business and so on. 

Continued Engagement

Your engagement doesn’t need to stop when responses are submitted. Keep prospects engaged by setting short & long term goals, before-after analysis, and so on. Ideal for existing client growth too.


Different members of your audience have different characteristics. Segment by age, industry, function, role, markets, and so on to provide much more granular results. The value you can offer is amplified. 

Organization by Dimensions

Easily organize the questions you ask into multiple categories or dimensions so that you can offer respondents real insights at the right level. Build trust in your expertise. 

Customizable Flow

Collect email and profile information upfront or at the end. Re-sequence individual questions in any order to build a natural flow. Create the experience you need.

Maintain Privacy

We understand your need for confidentiality. Data is not shared with any one and databases are encrypted. It is visible only to you and the respondent.

Personalized Results

Deliver highly personalized results to your clients and prospects. Set up feedback, tips, goals, & actions based on the scores. 

Group Engagement Features

Organize respondents into groups or accounts. Drive alignment between stakeholders, set up group coaching, or organize impactful consulting presentations.

Integrate Your CRM & Marketing Systems

Evalinator makes it easy to send the information you gather to your CRM and marketing automation systems.


That way you can segment and create personalized nurturing email sequences.


Not decided on an email system or CRM yet? You can just use Evalinator, or send data easily to a handy spreadsheet, or even your own email!   

Coaches, Is Evalinator Right For You?

Here’s an assessment that will tell you if Evalinator is right for you!

Not sure if you should use Evalinator? 


Use this self-assessment to see if your priorities and needs are a match with what Evalinator can do for you. It works for lead generation as well as for growing existing relationships.

“We bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be for optimal success. Our programs are available for both corporations and individuals. Clients often want to benchmark themselves. Evalinator is a great way for us to offer that benchmarking through a series of tailored assessments. These were very quick to launch and allows us to personalize our client interactions no matter the stage of relationship.“

One Life Coaching

Change Begins With Choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Evalinator is a client engagement system that uses diagnostic assessments, a goals driven accountability system that leads to transformation, and a milestone based measurement framework to measure the progress towards the transformation vision.


You start this process by creating one or more interactive assessments that are tailored to your expertise.

Evalinator works with your CRM by enriching it.


1) A quiz or assessment helps clients assess where they are and you establish yourself as a trusted advisor

2) You help clients set the right goals and make progress together as their partner

3) You demonstrate the value delivered so you can continue to grow your accounts from a position of strength.


You track and manage your deals and pursuits in a CRM if you have one.

A quiz is generally used for lead generation to quickly engage clients and show them instant results. 


Evalinator provides a variety of quizzes (scored, personality, selectors etc.).


Evalinator also offers sophisticated assessments so that you can generate actionable follow-ups, offer detailed and personalized feedback, and position relevant offers. 


So think of Evalinator as quiz+. It’s a consultative sales and client engagement toolkit, with quizzes and assessments being just 1 step in the process.

If you use our predefined templates, you can customize and get started in as little as between 10 minutes to a few hours. 

Of course. We are here to help. We have deep experience with lead generation, consultative selling, and client engagement.


You can also sign up for our guided plan and we will work with you closely to create and configure everything as per your desired sales processes and offers. We’ll also integrate your CRM or marketing automation systems.

Yes, all features are available for the trial period.

If you decide not to continue after the trial period, you can simply cancel your subscription online and remove the assessments from your website.

Yes you can! That is often the best experience for your clients. And while you set that up, you can still use the URL we provide you to begin engaging your clients immediately.

Evalinator will automatically collect email addresses, and automatically send them to the email marketing platform that you choose. We integrate through the Zapier ecosystem that is connected to most marketing automation and CRM platforms. You can also choose to send the information to a Google spreadsheet or email. If you do not have an email marketing platform, the information will still be within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents.

Yes you can. If you do not use an email marketing platform, the information will be kept within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents.

Yes, the information from your quiz is only visible to you and your respondents, and is not shared with anyone else. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details. We also comply with the European GDPR rules so just let us know and we will remove your information.

Yes, our plans have a monthly option and you can cancel anytime.

You can simply do that from your dashboard. We make it hassle free for you.

Give Your Coaching Practice a Boost

Jointly establish, track and measure transformation goals & progress with clients. You’ll love the integrated approach from lead generation to intake assessments to ongoing transformation tracking & measurement.