Fast-Track Growth: Start With The Big Picture

Rapidly grow your business with advanced quiz funnels uniquely designed to generate more leads, enable consultative sales, and expand existing client relationships.

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Boost Your Entire Sales & Marketing Lifecycle

Lead generation, sales conversion, brand building, and account growth

Generate More, Better Leads

Think of every visitor leaving your website or blog post without taking action, or prospects who have gone cold? Engage them by offering instant value. Collect rich data to qualify them better. Showcase your expertise and build trust. It’s a win-win.

Convert More Opportunities

Eliminate guess work and personalize your sales follow-ups to engage prospects in an insights led dialog on “their” roadmap. Create next steps focused on “their goals”.

Build Your Expert Brand

With Evalinator, your expert quiz funnels go beyond collecting email addresses. Instead, they are a channel for your thought leadership. Unlock rich insights with your expert quiz and build an evergreen content calendar.

Grow Existing Clients

80% of your growth is likely to come from existing clients. Deploy highly tailored diagnostics and help clients visualize opportunity areas to collaborate on with you. Showcase the value you are creating, not just the work you are delivering.

“We coach C-suite clients. Evalinator enables our thought leadership to be experienced first hand. It immediately helps our clients assess where they stand. We then use our expertise to take them on a collaborative journey towards the desired outcomes.”

Spiria Inc

Enabling Talent Transformation

Evalinator is Tailored For Experts

If you use your expertise to enable a transformation or positive change, then Evalinator is right for you.


Consultants & Coaches

How well can you help clients visualize their transformation?

Bring your expertise to life by helping clients and prospects clearly see the path to their transformation and success. Be a true partner in their journey.

Use customizable templates such as lead generation quizzes, wheel of life, maturity models, business scorecards, assessments such as DISC, and more as part of your toolkit.

Create trusted relationships and grow your business rapidly.


Sales & Marketing

Marketing is looking for better lead generation and higher quality leads.

Sales is looking to have personalized conversations, better conversions, and then grow client accounts consistently.

Evalinator is the only “customer centric” solution that bridges this gap.

Easily connect marketing automation systems and CRM systems to be in sync with the activity on Evalinator.

Focus on clients. Build trust. Generate better results.



As a life or business coach, you have to generate new qualified leads for your pipeline, convert them to active clients, and then help them see the progress they have made over time. With Evalinator, you can do all this with ease and create strong, long term relationships. Grow your practice the right way.



If you manage a service line or product, then you wear multiple hats supporting sales, marketing, and client engagement. With Evalinator you can execute your GTM plan by actively enabling sales & marketing while engaging clients on a shared vision and roadmap.

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As a sales leader, you must grow existing accounts and also convert new ones. Measuring leading indicators such as relationship strength and opportunity map is vital. See how you can mobilize your cross-functional team, while also engaging clients on consultative roadmap. Become a trusted partner.



Your brand is more than just words. Now improve your funnel with a highly relevant content calendar and calls-to-action. Be in the critical path with sales and subject matter experts. Deliver growth and targeted ABM.

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Use our templates or create a tailored experience unique to your expertise.

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Advanced Features that Help You Grow Faster

All Quiz Features

Match your branding for a consistent experience. Have different question types such as multiple choice, single select, and sliding scale. Choose from multiple quiz types – type, scored, personality, wheels of life, business and so on.

Post Quiz Engagement

Your engagement doesn’t need to stop when responses are submitted. Keep prospects engaged by setting short & long term goals, before-after analysis, and so on. Ideal for existing client growth too.


Different members of your audience have different characteristics. Segment by age, industry, function, role, markets, and so on to provide much more granular results. The value you can offer is amplified.

Multiple Dimensions

Even a simple topic has multiple dimensions. Now divide your topic and the questions you ask into multiple sub-topics or dimensions so that you can offer respondents real insights. Build trust in your expertise.

Sequence Your

Collect email and profile information upfront or at the end. Re-sequence individual questions in any order to build a natural flow. Create a custom funnel building program.

Maintain Privacy

We understand your need for confidentiality. Data is not shared with any one and databases are encrypted. It is visible only to you and the respondent.

Dynamic Results

Deliver highly personalized results to your clients and prospects. Set up feedback, tips, goals, & actions based on the scores.

Engage Groups

Organize respondents into groups or accounts. Drive alignment between stakeholders, set up group coaching, or organize impactful consulting presentations.

Integrate Your Email System or CRM

Evalinator makes it easy to connect your quiz funnel and expert assessments with your favorite email marketing system or CRM.

Segment and create personalized nurturing email sequences, or keep track of sales stages and revenue in your CRM. With Zapier & Evalinator, you can connect to hundreds of systems within minutes.

Not decided on an email system or CRM yet? You can just use Evalinator, or send data easily to a handy spreadsheet, or even your email!

“As a digital services firm, it is important for us to build client confidence. Evalinator instantly does that. We highlight best practices in multiple aspects of digital marketing in our assessment, and we are able to stay in touch individually using personalized insights.”

Start Designs

Start Designs

Digital & Creative Agency

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Organize

Organize your unique expertise to create an engaging interactive experience.

Starter templates for a 10 min quick start.

2. Connect

Invite your audience – email them, put on your website, use in advts, share on social, & use with clients.

Offer value to clients and begin your sales and growth journey.

3. Grow

Your quiz provides you with the right insights to personalize your interactions with both clients and prospects.

Position your offers to create engagement and help them meet their goals.

Is Evalinator Right For You?

We created a custom assessment just for you. It will help you decide if you should give Evalinator a shot.

We think Evalinator is perfect for Experts.

But everyone’s situation is unique. Use this self-assessment to see for yourself. 

Evalinator helps you position your unique value proposition with quizzes, maturity models, and goal setting. It works well for converting prospects to clients and also for growing existing client relationships.

What do our customers think?

Our customers use Evalinator to drive expertise led client engagement.

“We created an assessment on Serverless computing to engage clients. Our top of the funnel approach is to drive people to it so we can begin a personalized dialog based on our expertise and their needs. That helps us optimize the lead qualification and nurturing processes.”



Full Stack Serverless Company

Evalinator Will Scale With You

Engage like an expert should. Upgrade each touchpoint into a meaningful conversation with advanced quiz funnels and expert maturity models.

Generate leads, close better, and systematically grow existing relationships.

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