Online Lead Generation – Do You Have a Hook?

Let’s see if this scenario below is holding you back from online lead generation.

Imagine this situation on your website

Someone is looking for help in your area of expertise.

They find your website (congrats!) and they click to learn more about you.

They agree with most of what you have said on your website (you’re an expert after all).

They see your success stories and are impressed by your culture and team pages.

Then, they see the button to “contact” you, and also see a button to “schedule a discovery session”.


They hesitate.

They don’t know you yet.

Clicking that button is too much of a commitment

They haven’t looked at other options, or they simply haven’t come to grips with the fact that they need help.

They also think that they can perhaps figure it out themselves.

So they make a mental note and they click out…

And chances are, they won’t come back. And you don’t even know they were on your website. Your visitor counter goes up but that’s it.

All your hard work in getting your prospective clients to your website has ultimately not resulted in a lead.

Your online lead generation numbers stay low compared to your visitor count.

Now imagine the same Online Lead Generation scenario

Your prospective clients come across your website.

As they are browsing and reading your content, they think of getting in touch.

As before, a “contact us” button is too much of a leap.

But now, something catches their eye

There’s a button to your expert quiz that says

“Discover the Top Issue with <<Your topic here>>. Instant Results >>”

(“your topic here” is your area of expertise – this also doubles up as a needs assessment tool for sales)

Below the button, you explain:

“See for yourself where you stand on the issues you are facing. When you feel comfortable, we’ll get on a strategy call to explore further. Engage with us at your own pace.”

This doesn’t stress them out.

Instead, it is very welcoming.

So they click that button, and score themselves on the problem area they are facing…the area that you specialize in.

They analyze the things that are out of balance and causing problems.

They also receive your personalized advice and tips on the results page.

And you see that your online lead generation counter goes up.

Their email address along with their quiz score has been received into your CRM.

This is also a qualified lead because your experts are ready to engage the prospect and have an idea of the pain areas the prospect has. Contrast that with writing an email without having any context of your prospect’s current situation.

Let’s Continue This Scenario

Now they feel that they know you.

They have witnessed your expertise. Your outreach also used insights and advice. You weren’t pushing. You were trying to help (see our post on what is consultative selling)

They start trusting you.

They see that they will benefit from someone like you by their side.

So they go ahead and book that discovery or strategy session with YOU.

Won’t that be a much better experience for everyone?

Next Steps

Today most of us are unable to address this basic mechanism for showcasing our expertise in a way that results in online lead generation.

We present our expertise…and then we start selling and persuading.

But we don’t account for the fact that clients need to know us first,

And we need to help clients get over that initial hesitation.

A typical landing page with an eBook or checklist download also does this but it doesn’t give you any information other than an email address. Given that you don’t have anything other than an email address, you can’t follow up using insights or advice. So it takes much longer to move your sales conversation forward.

So, if you want to give this approach a try, use our 2 weeks free trial to create an expert quiz for your website. We will help you tailor it to your expertise.

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