The Human Design Type Assessment / Quiz Template

The Human Design Type Assessment seems to have been first channeled by Robert Allan Krakower, who later changed his name to Ra Uru Hu, in 1987.

According to Ra Uru Hu, he received a 8-day mystical experience that revealed the knowledge and insights of Human Design. He spent years developing and refining the system, and his teachings formed the foundation of the Human Design system we know today.

Since its introduction, Human Design has gained a growing following worldwide, with practitioners and enthusiasts using it as a tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and decision-making.

The system provides a framework for understanding our unique energetic makeup, including our:

  1. Human design type
  2. Strategy
  3. Authority
  4. Aura type
  5. and other factors that shape our individuality.

Human Design offers a fresh perspective on human behavior and provides guidance on living in alignment with our true nature.”

About this Human Design Type Assessment

This assessment is unique because it helps you find your human design type based on how you react and respond to stimuli. 

In contrast, the popularly available human design types are calculated based on birthdate, time, and location. 

As a result, you can now get actionable insights and combine the 2 approaches.

If you are a coach, you can use this assessment in addition to the birthdate based system to help your clients embark on a fascinating journey of self exploration and transformation.

The human design type assessment has 20 questions which then reveal one of the following human design types.

  • Generator: Energetic and consistent workers who find fulfillment in their activities. They trust their gut response for decision-making and have an open and enveloping aura.
  • Manifesting Generator: Dynamic multitasker with abundant energy. Informs and responds/initiates before taking action. Energetic and impactful aura capable of manifesting ideas.
  • Manifestor: Independent and powerful initiator who makes things happen. Informs others before taking action, with a repelling and initiating aura. 
  • Projector: Natural guide and advisor with deep understanding. Waits for invitations and recognition before engaging, absorbs and penetrates with their aura.
  • Reflector: Unique ability to reflect and mirror energies of their surroundings. Waits for a lunar cycle to make decisions, with a reflective and sampling aura. 

Traits of Each Human Type

Each human type is defined by the following traits. You will see them applied to each human type in the results of your assessment.

  1. Strategy: Refers to the recommended approach or decision-making process for each human design type.
  2. Authority: Represents the specific internal guidance system or source of wisdom that individuals should trust when making decisions.
  3. Aura Type: Describes the energetic presence and interaction style individuals have with others.
  4. Signature Goal: Represents the ultimate fulfillment or sense of accomplishment for each human design type.
  5. Not-Self Theme: Refers to the state or experience individuals may encounter when they are not living in alignment with their true nature.

Note: As with any personality test, this human design type assessment and these descriptions provide a brief overview of the human design types. For a more in-depth understanding of personal human design and its implications, it is recommended to consult a certified human design analyst or refer to authoritative resources on the subject. Read more about the Human Design Type here on Jovian Archive. They also have a birtdate and location based calculator of your human design type. 

Try It Out Yourself

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The Human Design Type assessment can be combined with your own Wheel of Life that you can also create with Evalinator. Together, these 2 assessments make up an excellent toolkit to help clients with their journey.

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