Product Recommendation Tool – SQL vs NoSQL? (Template)

This is a sample template for deciding between SQL vs NoSQL databases. It is part of the broader family of product recommenders or decision making tools under the umbrella of sales enablement tools

This can be cloned and repurposed for other product types and purposes.

It can be used as a self-assessment quiz or in a sales or software development meeting as a needs assessment.

It is fully online and customizable so you can tailor it with unique expertise and point of view.

Use it for:

  • Lead generation – place it on your website
  • Better sales meetings – use it as a needs assessment
  • Account expansion – share best practices with clients

Key Topics in the SQL vs NoSQL Decision Making Tool

This template takes into account key topics in SQL vs NoSQL decision making:

  • Data structure flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Agile development
  • etc.

Choice of database is important. This tool starts at a strategic level, and is perfect to put on your website to engage prospective clients or to use during sales conversations.

You can enhance it to more detailed assessment and use it with existing clients to position yourself asan expert and cross-sell your services and solutions.

Note: Like any assessment, you should advice your clients that this quiz alone is not a reliable method of making their final decision on any technology, including their database. They should consider their unique situation and only consider the output of tools like this as one input into their more comprehensive analysis.

Next Steps

Take the SQL vs NoSQL decision maker tool for a spin now. It just takes 3-4 minutes to get the results!

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