Personalize Your Sales & Marketing Workflows in Constant Contact With Evalinator

Now you can grow your list and personalize your sales & marketing workflows in Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is an excellent email and online marketing automation platform. It’s a perfect match with Evalinator for those looking to position expertise based services and products.

With Evalinator, you can

  1. Grow your email database in Constant Contact
  2. Include exceptional context of your target customers
  3. Personalize your nurturing flows and email campaigns

What is the Constant Contact – Evalinator Integration?

Constant Contact is one of the leading sales and marketing automation platforms. It allows you to build landing pages, forms, email workflows to nurture your subscribers, and send one-off newsletters.

Evalinator turbocharges that ecosystem by allowing you to build interactive assessments / quizzes that are connected with your Constant Constant account. These assessments provide instant value to your customers and prospects. The personalization shifts the focus of your sales and marketing teams to be 100% on the customer!

This means that:

  1. Visitors on your website have an added incentive to engage with you and provide their email address
  2. Your marketing nurturing sequences can now communicate with much better context
  3. Your sales teams can focus on customer needs and close deals much faster.

It’s a great way to adopt the concept of consultative selling. And all of that can now be done right from Constant Contact!

For example, consultants can create maturity assessments on a variety of topics such as digital maturity, analytics, cloud, cybersecurity etc. Life and business coaches can also create maturity assessments, and they can also create a Wheel of Life, storytelling assessment, use the Big 5 personality assessment, and even a DISC assessment.

Option 1: Directly Integrate Constant Contact & Evalinator

Login to Evalinator, and then go the Integrations section. Select “Constant Contact”.

Then click on the “Connect” button. If you already have Constant Contact setup, then you will see the “Reset” button in case your credentials have changed and you need to authorize again.


constant-contact-Evalinator setup


You will taken to a Constant Contact login screen. Log in here if you are not already logged in.


Next, you will see a screen requesting you to Authorize Evalinator. Of course, you will click on “Allow”.



Upon allowing, Evalinator will be granted access and you will be taken to a web page that tells you to close this new window. Your connecting settings for Constant Contact have been saved!

That’s all there is to it!

Option2: Use Zapier to connect Constant Contact & Evalinator

Evalinator has embedded the full Zapier experience so you have the full power of the Constant Contact integration at your fingertips. You can personalize your sales and marketing workflows in Constant Contact by sending granular information about the respondents and your sales teams actions in Evalinator.

We have outlined the steps to using Zapier here. It’s really very simple and we recommend it if you are looking to really maximize the personalization of your sales and marketing workflows.

What Happens Next?

All respondents and granular information that they consented to will automatically be sent to Constant Contact from your Evalinator assessments .

Depending on your settings, a second confirmation email may be sent from Constant Contact to verify the email address. Evalinator also has the ability to validate the email address provided by your respondents. It does that by sending the user a confirmation code before accepting the email address. So the data that goes into Constant Contact is pre-validated!

Take Evalinator for a spin to grow your list and personalize your sales and marketing workflows in Constant Contact. There’s a 3 weeks free trial so no risk at all. In addition, we’ll be there every step of the way to help you get your assessment(s) live.

Good luck!