Mailchimp Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing

Mailchimp is the leading digital and email marketing automation platform that offers email automation, websites, and commerce.

  • How to get new customers into your email database in Mailchimp?
  • How to personalize your emails.

That’s where Evalinator comes in!

Through your quizzes and assessments, you can increase your Mailchimp email list and really personalize your communications.

Mailchimp Integration with Evalinator is a Breeze.

In just a couple of minutes you will be ready to send prospects who take a quiz or assessment on Evalinator to Mailchimp. They will be tagged so that you can then define the automations you like.

For example, you can create a series of emails with helpful information about the topic your quiz covers.

At a high level, the steps are:

Step1: Create a quiz on Evalinator

Step 2: Connect Mailchimp

Step 3: Select the audience to use

Here is a short video that explain the process.

Every time a new respondent takes your quiz or assessment, we will send that contact over to Mailchimp for you to nurture then as you see appropriate.

If a contact already exists in Mailchimp, it will not be recreated so you don’t have to worry!

Quick note on GDPR Compliance

If you currently have a process in Mailchimp to manage GDPR regulations, then you can easily include Evalinator in it. Compliance is easy. Just log on to Evalinator, and let us know which contact to remove. We’ll keep the aggregated data and summary statistics the same, but enable you to comply with the regulations.

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