Business Storytelling Assessment

Business storytelling is the art of going beyond the facts and engaging your audience with an experience.

Stories help build an emotional connection. That makes them much more memorable.

Business storytelling

Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t have to be great writers or orators to be able to tell stories.

We all use stories in our life when we speak to children, narrate an experience from our holidays, or complain about a bad service experience, etc.

Every story has a simple, proven structure with some variations:

  1. Set the stage and mention the goal
  2. Present an obstacle
  3. Show how it was overcome

It’s simple enough to conduct a workshop and send people on their way to start using stories.

But…the real challenge is in using this structure for business – picking the right stories, using them consistently, and getting the right support from the rest of the organization.

It’s overwhelming and we find ourselves spinning our wheels going from one methodology to another. 

Meanwhile, we are not engaging clients as well, and leaving sales on the table.

It turns out all you need is a framework to not only to tell stories, but to generate and adopt storytelling! 

Enter the business storytelling assessment.

The assessment itself and your results will help you and your clients reflect on their overall customer experience and sales process.

Stories can be used to:

  • Introduce your organization
  • Outline a case study
  • Paint a vision for the future
  • Share experiences from the trenches
  • and so on.

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