Wheel of Business, Health, Wellness, and Spirituality!

A Wheel of Life is such a versatile coaching and self-diagnostic tool that it can be used in almost any scenario. Some of the common ones are the:

  1. Wheel of Business
  2. Wheel of Health / Wheel of Wellness
  3. Wheel of Spirituality

In this article let’s look at these variations in brief. Each section will also link to a ready to use template. That will allow you to launch your own personalized and custom wheel in a matter of a few minutes!

Note: Evalinator also has an accountability module built into each assessment. This allows you to engage your clients over the course of your relationship with them, and also work more effectively with prospective clients and build trust as they determine whether you are right for each other.

The Wheel of Business

wheel of business

A business has many different facets (or dimensions). Some of the higher level dimensions are finance, marketing, customer service, people satisfaction, and so on. In turn, each of these facets could be drilled down into more granular topics. For example, if you just want to look at finance, you could then create dimensions such as accounts receivable, tax, compliance, accounts payable etc. So the dimensions represented by your wheel will depend on your focus area and the level you want to drill down to.

A Wheel of Business helps you do exactly that. It arranges a set of dimensions around a wheel. The client’s satisfied with the different areas can be marked off easily. The resulting wheel then brings out any possible imbalances. For example, a leader who is more finance savvy will likely have an imbalance when it to comes finance vs marketing. The coach can then get down to helping the clients achieve the right balance.

Wheel of Health / Wheel of Wellness

wheel of health or wellness

Health is another one of those topics that have a variety of different dimensions. For example, you could create a holistic Wheel of Health (Wellness) with dimensions such as movement, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. And if you want to specialize in one aspect alone you could create a wheel of health representing multiple dimensions within nutrition such as food groups, regularity, sources, hydration, etc.

In essence a Wheel of Health / Wellness allows you to arrange your dimensions into a wonderful diagnostic tool. The client’s satisfaction or effectiveness with each dimension can be marked of easily. And then you can work with them to help them achieve or balance their wellness goals.

Some coaches may differentiate the concept of Wellness itself from the concept of Health. They may consider the Wheel of Wellness as a way to balance the various aspects of life itself. In that case a traditional Wheel of Life may be used for Wellness. And a Wheel of Health may be used to go one step deeper into the coaching process.

Wheel of Spirituality

wheel of spirituality

This is such an important topic in many of our lives today. The premise is that a well balanced Wheel of Spirituality can lead to a life full of joy and purpose.

Coaches who specialize in this area can create a Wheel that can help them determine the balance between dimensions such as discipleship, meditation, service to others, forgiveness, love, sacrifice, pragmatism etc. A client’s satisfaction or quest in each of these areas can be easily marked off showing which areas need work the most, and which areas to balance.

Once the client or prospect has self-assessed themselves using the Wheel of Spirituality, the coach can work with them on creating the right balance using a combination of introspective sessions and goal setting mechanisms.


The traditional Wheel of Life template can be used to create valuable variations such as the Wheel of Business, Wheel of Health / Wheel of Wellness and the Wheel of Spirituality. Each of these can then be further customized by creating sub-areas to explore fully.

You can launch your own personalized and custom wheel in a matter of a few minutes. Go ahead and try it now.


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