Better Client Onboarding. Better Retention.

Client onboarding  is a very important step towards getting new clients started off on the right foot.

But what exactly is “onboarding,” and why does it matter so much?

Onboarding is just a fancy way of saying we’re welcoming and helping new clients make the most of our coaching program, or course.

It’s like laying down the welcome mat.

The 3-Step Process of Baselining, Gap Analysis, And Transformation

In any transformative journey, understanding the current state or the “as-is” condition is the first crucial step.

This involves conducting thorough assessments to establish a baseline of where things stand. Assessments serve as powerful diagnostic tools. They illuminate areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement.

Once the current state is understood, the next step involves identifying the gaps between the current state and the desired target state. Coaches work collaboratively with clients to pinpoint areas for growth and development. This sets the stage for transformation.

With this clear understanding of the current state and the identified gaps, coaches and clients collaboratively craft a roadmap for transformation. This roadmap outlines actionable steps and milestones to bridge the gaps and move towards the desired transformation.

By leveraging assessments throughout this three-step process, coaches can ensure a structured and systematic approach to transformation. As a result they can empower clients to achieve their goals with clarity and purpose.

The Importance of Onboarding

For coaches who offer courses or services aimed at helping clients reach their goals, a good onboarding process is key.

It’s our chance to learn important things about our clients – like what they’re struggling with, what they want to achieve, and how they like to learn.

With this knowledge, we can personalize our approach to fit each client’s needs.

A well-planned client onboarding also opens up opportunities to offer personalized coaching or extra products. This make the experience better for clients and helps our business grow.

Using Assessments for Client Onboarding

One great way to make onboarding organized and useful is by using assessments.

Think of it like a coaching toolkit full of helpful tools.

Take the “Wheel of Life” assessment, for example. It’s like a compass that helps clients evaluate different parts of their life, like their job, relationships, and health. We can tweak it to focus on what matters most for our coaching program.

We can also create our own custom assessments to spot areas where clients need help and show them how our coaching can make a difference.

Enhancing Client Engagement with Assessments

But the cool thing about assessments is that they’re not just for the beginning.

We can keep using them throughout our coaching journey to keep clients engaged and give them more value.

Assessments help us track how clients are doing, find areas where they can improve and set goals, and adjust our coaching accordingly.

Plus, they give us stuff to talk about during coaching sessions, making those conversations more meaningful and helping clients understand themselves better.

Utilizing Popular Assessments for Ongoing Client Engagement

Assessments like the DISC, Big 5, and Strengths Finder are powerful tools that can be utilized throughout the coaching journey to enhance client engagement and provide continuous value.

The DISC assessment offers insights into clients’ behavioral tendencies, allowing coaches to help clients tailor their approach and communication style accordingly.

The Big 5 assessment delves into clients’ personality traits, shedding light on their strengths and areas for development.

Additionally, the strengths finder assessment helps identify clients’ unique talents and abilities, guiding coaches in leveraging these strengths to maximize their potential.

By incorporating these assessments into ongoing coaching sessions, coaches can foster deeper self-awareness, facilitate meaningful discussions, and ultimately empower clients to achieve their goals with confidence.

If you are a coach, each of these assessments is included with your Evalinator subscription.


Client onboarding is crucial to getting started on on the right foot with our clients leads to longer-lasting relationships.

Assessments make our onboarding process smoother. They keep clients involved throughout our coaching journey. That way we can build strong connections with our clients, help them succeed, and keep growing our business.

Use the 14 day free trial to create your first assessment with Evalinator. Use one of our popular templates or create a custom one that is just right for your practice.

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