How to Enable Goal Setting on Your Interactive Assessment

Goal setting is an integrated feature of your Evalinator assessments and quizzes.

This allows you to:

  1. Follow up with prospective customers in a personalized way
  2. Engage with existing clients using well defined objectives and milestones

As a result, you can increase customer life-time value, as well as convert new clients much better.

Here’s how you can enable this feature.

Turn on goal setting on your assessment

When you edit your assessment, expand the Results tab on the left.

goal setting2

Next step is to turn on “goal setting”.

You can do this in 2 ways.

  1. If you are choosing to display all the questions and your feedback to the user, then you can turn on the goal setting that is within each question.
  2. Otherwise, you can turn on an assessment level goals.

goal setting1


Using the Goals

Once you have turned this on, your respondents will automatically see the goals on their results page.

  1. Both you and your respondent can add a goal and attach an end date.
  2. Both you and your respondent can add an update to it.

To avoid confusion, it’s best to use either assessment level or question level goals.

goal setting 3


And that’s all there is to it.

Goal setting is easily accessible and very intuitive to use without any complexities.

  • You can then use these goals when you meet with your clients to quickly assess progress and blockers.
  • Each goal has a date which you can set as the target date
  • Typically goals are best kept short term to maintain motivation. Ideally that duration will be when you are meeting the client next.
  • You can also set one long term goal, and then work towards it with more shorter term goals.

Goals are also great for accountability, and they help you track progress. Tracking can be good because it allows you to easily demonstrate value to your client.

We are always improving this feature. If you have any feedback or comments, just let us know!

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Best wishes!