How to add videos to your Wheel of Life and other assessments?

Adding videos to your Wheel of Life or other custom assessments makes it a very immersive experience.

An assessment is a great addition to your course or community. Whether it’s a DISC, Strengths Finder, or Big 5 personality test, they all allow you to personalize your approach.

You can talk to your users 1-1 and engage them much better.

Videos are a great way to:

  1. Share your purpose
  2. Provide instructions
  3. Offer personalized advice on results
  4. Offer clarity on what each question is about
  5. Clarify what a rating may mean
  6. and so on

Evalinator allows for videos in every part of your assessment:

  1. The start page
  2. On each question
  3. On the results page in both the main results as well as the personalized feedback sections

Here’s How Videos Appear on Your Assessments

Start page or landing page: Provide instructions on what the assessment is and how it will be used


Start page video (1)


On 1 or more questions: Offer clarity on how to respond to a question


video on question screen (1)


On the results page: Personalize your advice or feedback based on the client’s responses


results page video (1)


Here’s how to do it in a single step!

Add Videos to Your custom Wheel of Life or Other Assessments

Just login to your dashboard, and click on Edit assessment.

Then go to the area that you want the video to show. In the example below, it’s on the start page.

start-page video Wheel of Life



Click on the three dots, and then on the video icon. A pop-up will appear where you can insert the URL of your video.

insert video screen



Now go to YouTube and copy the URL of your video. Paste that URL into the box above. Ignore the width and height fields. Evalinator will automatically make your videos responsive on mobile and desktop screens.

copy youtube video URL



That’s it!

Click save and publish.

Your video will now appear nicely everywhere.

Next Steps

Give Evalinator a try.

We have a 2 week free trial and we offer personalized support to get your assessment ready just the way you want it.