The Wheel of Health (Assessment Template)

The Wheel of Health assessment is a very versatile coaching tool. It is a variation of the popular Wheel of Life.

A fully online and customizable Wheel of Health (or Wellness) let you create a customized coaching wheel for your practice.

In this article let’s look at these various coaching use cases of the editable Wheel of Health Assessment template.

Wheel of Health / Wheel of Wellness Template

Health and wellness is one of those topics that have a variety of different dimensions. You can tailor an editable wheel of life template for health or wellness.

A holistic Wheel of Health (Wellness) could have dimensions such:

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition,
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress
  5. Hydration
  6. Exercise
  7. etc.

wheel of health or wellness

And you could create multiple questions within a topic. For example, under nutrition, you could have questions on food groups, regularity, sources, hydration, etc. These groups of questions are called dimensions or categories. 

In essence a Wheel of Health / Wellness allows you to arrange your dimensions into a wonderful diagnostic tool. The client’s satisfaction or effectiveness with each dimension can be measured easily. And then you can work with them to help them achieve or balance their wellness goals.

Some coaches may differentiate the concept of Wellness itself from the concept of Health. They may consider the Wheel of Wellness as a way to balance the various aspects of life itself. In that case a traditional Wheel of Life may be used for Wellness. And a Wheel of Health may be used to go one step deeper into the coaching process.

Try the customizable Wheel of Health template here to see how it works.

Start a risk free trial and create your own custom wheel here. The editable wheel of life template can be easily tailored. You can add personalized feedback, set and track goals, and so on.

Benefits of Using a Coaching Wheel of Health

  • Generate More Leads
    Put it on your website and your social profiles for prospective clients to take
  • Great Onboarding
    It helps clients with multi-dimensional introspection right away.
  • Use During Strategy or Discovery Sessions
    A great way to give back value to clients when they are still undecided
  • Align Coaching Outcomes
    Easily help the clients visualize the future and create an actionable roadmap using goals
  • Use as an Accountability system
    A simple way to set and track goals
  • Demonstrate Coaching Impact
    The Wheel has a built in before-after comparison feature. Use every 3 see their progress over time
  • Get Client Testimonials
    When you do before-after comparison, you can capture their positive emotions quickly rather than relying on informal feedback sessions or surveys.

A template will allow you to launch your own personalized and custom Wheel of Health Assessment in a matter of minutes!

Try It

If you’re a coach, try out the Wheel of Health / Wellness assessment now (opens in a new window).

This assessment is included with your subscription and is an excellent coaching tool.

You can tailor the questions and the outputs if you’d like.  In addition, Evalinator provides you with a full coaching toolkit including goal setting and before-after analysis.

The  fully customizable Wheel of Health assessment can be combined with your own Wheel of Life that you can also create with Evalinator. Together, these 2 assessments make up an excellent toolkit to help clients with their journey.

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