Use Goal Setting For More Effective Sales Follow Ups

Goal Setting give you a powerful mechanism for sales follow ups. It allows you to engage your customers and prospects 1-1 through personalized interactions.

Read on about how an interactive assessment can allow you to engage in goal setting with your clients. Used this way, your interactive assessments will become much more than just an online quiz to get email addresses.

Sometimes customers know where they are going, and sometimes they don’t. They often need your help to determine their destination and get there. Using Evalinator, you can help your prospects do just that with goal setting, and equally importantly, get your clients to trust you in the process.

That way, not only do you build your email list, you also generate more engagement and revenue overall.

Goal setting and interactive assessments

Increasing use of technology does not mean that we automate everything and pretend like it is personalized. Customers always know! So customer engagement must include:

  • Empathy
  • Personal attention
  • Context

So goal setting combined with interactive assessments offer you the best of both worlds – email signups and engagement.

Here are some best practices to follow while engaging in goal setting. We also mention when something can be automated, and when you need personal touch.

Step 1: Create actionable profiles of your prospects & customers

Common segmentation practices today rely on either static parameters like demographics (title, role etc.), or guesswork such as who opened and clicked on emails.

goal setting with contextThese are good steps towards personalization but on their own they do not take into account aspirations of customers. Therefore your goal setting will not be as relevant and impactful. 

Further, each such segmentation parameter is considered in isolation in your email database – perhaps as a flag to determine what kind of content to send next. It also does not include how one customer may be performing on their aspirations vs-a-vis their peers.

An interactive assessment using Evalinator helps you with more relevant  and contextual segmentation. For example, you might want to show that sales and marketing leaders think differently about the same question e.g. customer mind share, sales enablement, advertising, etc.  Similarly, you might want to bring out how different persons within the same demographic may perceive things differently. e.g. clarity of purpose in life, career goals, or relationships.

It follows that the quality of goal setting you have with the right context is very meaningful. As a coach or consultant, if you know the intent of your prospect or customer, then you have a powerful way to bring insights to your customers and discuss resolutions. It also helps you go beyond traditional content marketing

These insights that you get out of the box with Evalinator help you with the next step in sales follow ups – goal setting.

Step 2: Organize readouts to clarify goals and share insights 

Once your respondents have taken your interactive assessment, then you can do the readout in multiple phases in order to initiate goal setting.

Goal setting based on visionIf you are coaching or consulting a group of people such as in a corporate setting, then doing a group followup session is a great way. Here you show overall scores by the various segments so they can see where they stand vis-a-vis their peers.  If you’ve ever been through a session that shows how different people perceive the same thing differently, then you already know how exciting it is for participants of such a session. A group session allows for personal interaction but still offers economies of scale and time. You could also choose to do this in a webinar or email newsletter. Note how this also gives you ready-made material for your content marketing!

  • Ask everyone to observe how they fare against the benchmark and why.  Each individual should be looking into their custom assessment results. More often than not, there will be some surprises and a few aha moments.
  • Brainstorm on what is good, what is not so good.
  • Discuss both immediate and long term resolutions
  • Request your respondent(s) to put in their individual goals and time frames – keep them short in duration (3-5 weeks or less), and measurable.
  • You can also ask everyone to put in something that you deduced – your secret sauce based on your experience!

Your goal setting journey has begun!

Step 3: Set up periodic reviews

How many times have you attended the most amazing sessions only to go back to your daily routine and forget all about what you learned?  It is natural and expected. The daily grind and operational pressures cause that to happen to everyone.

periodical goal setting reviewsFor this reason, as a coach or consultant, you want to set up periodic reviews and refresher sessions. It also helps you quantify and demonstrate the value & ROI (Return on Investment) of your engagement. Your customers – corporate or individual – are always calculating what they are getting in return for paying you. With Evalinator this is easier than ever to demonstrate that because you now have something to anchor the discussions, and common goals to work towards.

  • Schedule predefined sessions every 2-4 weeks or so. This will depend on how you charge among other things
  • Use the assessment results, and goals to guide that discussions
  • Show the progress on goals to keep up motivation
  • Review important concepts using the questions and rating scales of your assessment as an anchor


There you have it. An end to end roadmap from initial engagement to a thriving relationship and quality sales follow ups through the use of goal setting based on the results of an interactive assessment. Follow these steps for an amazing 1-1 engagement with your clients.

Your interactive assessment now allows you to go beyond the static, guessing game of segmentation to factors that really matter.  Now you can truly engage in follow up sessions and coaching without losing context.

Every interaction can be personalized and makes your sales follow ups very productive. Not to mention your content marketing gets easier too.

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