Monetize Tech Partnerships through Value Assessments

Monetizing tech channel partnerships is becoming an urgent conversation as both tech product and consulting companies seek to enhance their client intimacy and revenue growth.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can monetize your tech partnerships using Evalinator’s custom business value assessments across your sales lifecycle:

  1. GTM Planning
  2. Lead generation
  3. Sales
  4. Account growth
  5. Brand building.


Clients are increasingly looking to use prebuilt business solutions and scalable cloud platforms. But before they can truly realize value, there is often a requirement to integrate different systems and platforms to suit their business process. And in 2023, unlocking the value of data through AI is a given.

However, given the heavy competition, simply forming a partnership and expecting revenue to follow is not a viable path any more.

Clients must see the business value of the propositions being offered. Partners must be able to bring unique thought leadership to engage clients effectively and consistently.

Two effective tools can be be leveraged to achieve these goals and maximize the potential of tech partnerships:

  • Partnership Maturity Models: these assess how well you are executing your partnerships plan. This is meant to be used by you with your team, and with your partners.
  • Business Value Assessments: these help clients generate business value from their tech and data investments overall.

These interactive assessments provide food for thought and immediate feedback.

As a result, they help identify opportunities for growth, improve customer engagement, and help consulting firms position themselves as thought leaders.

Both these types of assessments can be created using Evalinator.

Partnership Maturity Models

What are maturity model assessments?

Every partnership has a path to revenue. This GTM (go-to-market) has 5 major dimensions:

  1. Prioritization
  2. Operations (onboarding, tracking, etc.)
  3. Sales
  4. Co-marketing
  5. Competency (solutions, certifications)

A maturity model helps you understand how well you are doing along these dimensions, and where the areas of improvement are.

For example:

  • If you are not enabling sales with the right solutions and points of view, then sales effectiveness will be impacted.
  • If you don’t have enough field level relationships and cadence on joint accounts, then your revenue traction will suffer.
  • And if you are not raising awareness of your joint solutions, then lead generation will suffer 

A maturity model helps you take stock of these areas and take appropriate action.

Here is an example of a partnership maturity model to help monetize your tech partnerships. You can either use that or create your own tailored model for your own company.

Business Value Assessments: Lead Generation

Evalinator maturity assessment

Business value assessments are expert assessments and can be utilized as effective lead generation tools.

By offering simple, short assessments or quizzes on their websites, partners can capture the interest of potential clients and highlight their expertise.

For example, a consulting firm specializing in integration could create a simple business value assessment titled “How Well Are You Using Salesforce Einstein AI?”

The purpose of such an assessment would be to demonstrate key areas of value explorations. It would provide valuable insights to clients into their current AI capabilities and trigger the thought process about doing something about it.

As clients think of using Salesforce Einstein AI better to enhance their operations, they will likely see you in a favorable light too.

Hence, such an interactive experience not only captures leads but also demonstrates the partner’s expertise in the subject matter area.

Take this sample assessment embedded below for a spin. You can tailor these assessments for their unique offerings right here on Evalinator.


Business Value Assessments: Prospect Meetings & Follow-ups

It is important to not only generate sales outcomes from meetings, but also establish credibility and continue the engagement.

Hence, during prospect meetings, interactive business value assessments serve as powerful tools for qualifying the opportunities and generating quality follow-up opportunities to stay top of mind.

Here is how such an interaction can proceed:

  1. Present your company – as before
  2. Tailor the line of questioning to a value assessment you have created – relevant questions  
  3. By the end of the call, provide a read out based on the value assessment – immediate value delivered
  4. Generate actions because clients may want to discuss in more detail – customer focused outcome
  5. Personalize the follow-ups to the specific needs of the prospects – customer focused outcome

As you can see, a conversation structured as above is 100% focused on the clients.

For example, an AWS partner could ask questions that are geared to evaluate a prospect’s current AWS utilization – e.g. data analytics, cloud adoption, low/no-code tools, and so on.

This initial high level assessment would enable the consultants to identify gaps and areas for improvement, positioning themselves as the ideal partner for more detailed workshops and assessments.

Take a look at this high level value expert quiz or assessment template on AWS that can be tailored and used to monetize your tech partnership with AWS. This can be made as detailed as you like.


Growing Existing Accounts: Uncovering Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Value assessments are not limited to acquiring new clients; they can also help you grow your existing accounts. By conducting tailored assessments within the client organization, you can uncover untapped opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

For example, you can design an assessment to evaluate a client’s current cloud infrastructure.

Based on the assessment results, you can recommend additional services or suggest optimizing the existing product licensing, thereby maximizing mutual value.

Consultants can also position multiple partners in an assessment to monetize their tech partnerships.

Here is a sample detailed cloud maturity assessment template that can be tailored to identify opportunities overall, and then position partner solutions as appropriate. It’s a powerful way to monetize your tech partnerships.

Business Value Assessments: Marketing & Brand

Marketing is an important element of partnerships.

Value assessments provide you with a treasure trove of data and insights that can be leveraged for marketing purposes.

By analyzing the responses and trends from assessments, you can create practical thought leadership posts.

For instance, a consulting company could utilize the data collected from their value assessments to create a thought leadership piece titled “Top 5 Challenges Clients Face in Realizing Cloud ROI” This article would showcase the consulting company’s expertise while providing valuable insights to the target audience.

Further, since a lot of companies struggle with setting up quality email nurturing programs, they can use these expert quizzes and assessments to create a relevant content calendar. Each item on the business value assessment can become a blog piece that can be fashioned as a periodic email to prospects and clients on the list.

Similarly, social media calendars can also be always full by simply scheduling them with items from your business value assessment.


In an increasingly competitive market, tech partners need to find innovative ways to build their brand and monetize their tech partnerships.

Interactive assessments and quizzes offer a powerful strategy for achieving this goal.

Whether it’s lead generation, prospect meetings, growing existing accounts, or marketing, expert business value assessments provide interactive experiences, immediate feedback, and valuable insights.

By leveraging these assessments effectively, you can can unlock revenue opportunities in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Evalinator is the only platform that allows you to create sophisticated maturity models, quizzes, and assessments. It has unique features tailored for B2B client engagement.

Take advantage of a 14 day free trial and create your first interactive business value assessment today.

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