Customizing the Colors for Your Interactive Assessment on Evalinator

Before publishing, you’ll likely want to customize the colors you use in your assessment so that they match with the branding of your website or logo.

Evalinator allows you to do just that. In this post we’ll highlight the steps you should take and some gotchas as you start with this process.

Evalinator interactive assessment color settings

RGB or Hex

Both formats are supported – hex (e.g. #4285f4) or RGB (e.g. rgba(182, 195, 55, 1)).

The main difference is during the display of your charts. Especially for polar or radar charts, a certain level of transparency in colors is required to display the graph correctly. The last number in the RGB format specifies that.

So, stick to the format that is already pre-populated on the screen. You can easily convert your favorite hex color codes to RGB and vice versa by simply typing it in the Google search box which will show you both hex and RGB representations.

You can leave the last number of the RGB format as “1”, or just omit it.

Difference between Band and Chart colors

You will notice there are 5 band colors, and 5 chart colors. Why?

The band colors are used in the primary chart of your assessment. e.g. when we show which rating band a user falls under, or the colors of a Wheel of Life.

The chart colors are used for other charts like profile benchmarking etc.

It’s preferable to use a different set of colors for both to avoid confusion. That’s because users will unconsciously link the colors in the primary chart to the colors in the other charts when there is actually no real correlation between them.

How to Choose Your Colors?

If you don’t have the list of colors used in your website handy, then there is a simple way to choose your colors.

You can use Coolers App to look for suggested color palettes.

  1. Just search for the right combination of colors that you like. This option is best when you’re just getting start with the design of your website as well. Coolers will generate a new set of colors with the touch of the spacebar!
  2. If you have a logo or any image that contains your colors to the website, just upload it to Coolers. You will see all the colors used in your image, and can select which ones to use for your assessment.

That’s all!

We are constantly evolving the ability for you to customize your assessment. If you need a new feature or setting that is already not present, please let us know.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.