Template: Is Blockchain Right For You?

Considering the use of blockchain technology in your organization. Our Is Blockchain Right For you assessment gives you a great head start towards making this decision.

The base template follows a high level approach before you can drill down as needed.

It includes 6 basic questions that check if the primary benefits of blockchain such as minimizing data reconciliation and promoting privacy are met.

The simple yes/no decision model allows you to capture the inputs very simply. Then you can conduct a workshop to see why multiple stakeholders have differing views – a very powerful alignment technique.

Potential Enhancements

Unless you are just using this for lead generation on your website, you can and should customize the template when you use it for specific clients. Here are some changes you could make to the Is Blockchain Right For you template.

  1. Add more questions and group them into dimensions such as data, privacy, architecture etc. That would make the assessment more comprehensive and more discussion oriented.
  2. Since you will have specific services and know the detailed context of your clients, use checkbox or radio button questions instead of a slider. That will allow you to be more objective and position your services better.
  3. Add your own description of what the rating bands mean.
  4. Add your own feedback text for each dimension and question to explain what the scores mean
  5. Add profile fields to divide your audience by function (technology, operations etc.) and role (CIO, architect, analyst etc.) – an excellent way to see the differences in perception and drive alignment

Next Steps

Go ahead and give the Is Blockchain Right For you template a spin. Email address will be required to see results.

If you want to use the template for your own company, simply sign up for the free trial and deploy the model in as little as 10 minutes!

We’re here if you need us!

Good luck!