How Coaches & Experts Can Get Better Website Conversions?

It can be frustrating when people who visit your website just click out without booking a discovery call. Especially if the number of visits is low, your need to make sure that as many of those visitors do something meaningful.

Moreover, when you email someone or message them on LinkedIn, you definitely want to send them something they would find valuable.

The Traditional Way for Website Conversions

lead magnet downloadOne of the ways to get visitors to engage with you is to create a lead magnet such as a checklist or a short e-book. If it offers something of value, and if the rest of your website builds trust, then chances are that your prospects will want to download it. In return, they will provide their email address. Then you can begin to gauge their interest and carry on the conversation.

However, these kinds of downloadable lead magnets have a problem. They don’t provide you much context of who the user is, and why they downloaded your asset. As a result, your follow-ups are not likely to be personalized at all. You only have an email address after all.

In addition, creating a good e-book or checklist takes time if you want it to be of high quality.

A Better Way

Whether you have a lead magnet or not, there is a better way to engage visitors, showcase your expertise, and give them value immediately. And that method is to prompt visitors to take an online self-assessment (such as a maturity assessment or model) that gives them instant results. It’s a great option to try for better website conversions.

Interactive assessment - wheel of lifeFor example, a life coach can create a simple Wheel of Life on their website (see a demo sample here). Visitors will see that they can get the results instantly. This has a powerful effect because if someone came across your website, they are likely looking for a solution to a problem. And they would not lose an opportunity to assess themselves and see where they stand.

Not only that but they can also then download your asset (checklist, ebook, etc.) for free anyway.

Another example could be a business coach who puts up an online self-assessment about managing business finances and generating more revenue (see demo sample here). Visitors who come to the website are more than likely to have a problem in that area and would love to self-assess. The coach can then also give them the promised e-book or checklist

Interactive assessment - multi dimensionalAs a result, you are likely to now receive much better conversation rates.

The assessments need not just be a Wheel of Life. They can go deeper into one topic and be shown in different ways.

Even if you don’t have a lead magnet, your assessment itself will serve as a lead magnet.

Of course, it goes without saying that the rest of your website should inspire confidence and trust. When prospects visit, they should see how you help, show some testimonials, and be professional overall. The self-assessment adds to your credibility as well as improves your website conversions.

A Bonus – Personalization!

personalized follow upsHere’s a good thing about self-assessments. Your follow-ups with people who take the self-assessment are now very personalized. You know something about them, and what their pain area is. So you can follow up better.

Imagine this:

“Hi there, I see you downloaded my ebook … How can I help you? I think you are < typical profile> but would you’d like to book a free call with me to discuss?”

Versus this:

“Hi first name, congrats on taking the first step with your self-assessment. I see that you have <strengths and weaknesses from their assessment>. Other people have done <some tip> to address these areas. Would you like to book a free call with me to discuss this?”

Needless to say, the second way is way more likely to generate a quality response and tangible next steps. Read here for some nice ways to improve the effectiveness of your sales follow-ups.

And the email addresses from the assessment that go straight to your marketing automation tool and result in much better email workflows.

So What Next?

You can create your own self-assessment to improve your website conversions.

Use the risk-free trial for 21 days. We will even help you get your assessment ready. There are several types of assessments available from a standard Wheel of Life to a scored assessment and personality assessment to choose from.

Try it now. You have everything to gain!