Here are 5 of the Top 7 Email Marketing Mistakes You can Eliminate

email marketing solve 5 of 7 top issues

Recently we came across a nice blog post on Jeff Bullah’s website describing the top 7 email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

It was surprising that 5 of those 7 mistakes were related to the context that you have about your customers. This is also a common theme across most research around this topic of email marketing.

These mistakes were largely about:

  1. Not having insights about your audience
  2. Lack of personalization
  3. No familiarity with sender
  4. Unappealing subject line
  5. Content not being relevant

All of these point to the one underlying issue that every marketer or sales person faces with email marketing: What to write to my customers and prospects about that they will find relevant?

And over time, the more bland emails we send, the more we fade away from your customers minds. Because customers don’t find value in what we send them. It becomes a mechanized engine which is not very effective.

Don’t we all nervously track the open rates and click through rates of our emails every day. We know that feeling that email marketing brings.

email marketing can be hard workOne way to avoid this is to do research for every prospect. But that’s extremely time consuming, and does not work very well if you have to reach your database every week or month.

The second way is to send information that they might consider relevant. e.g. send some industry statistics. The problem is that these are not directly actionable. A common reaction is “yes, but so what I can do about it”.

How to solve these email marketing problems?

With Evalinator you can build:

  1. Context of your customers – So your emails can be about them. Won’t that be an awesome way to get their attention and keep them engaged.
  2. Lead with relevant action items – There is no “so what” anymore. You have a clear cut action item for them because both you and them agree on what that next action is. And if they want to change that action item to something else, then they can – and you can chip in too.
  3. Put in statistics only you can send – Evalinator generates targeted statistics that your customers care about. For example, if email marketing was your topic, then they would see that “60% of other marketers like them have the same problem”, or that “75% of all sales people in their industry think that marketing is not helping as much”. Now that’s really relevant.
  4. Keep them engaged with promotions: Everyone procrastinates and that includes your customers. But what if you could give them a freebie and help them at the same time…e.g. “here’s a chance to enter a raffle if you complete X in the next 30 days.”. That would be a win-win!

email marketing solvedSo you can solve those pesky email marketing issues like personalization and relevance by using Evalinator. It lets you build trust by engaging in a way that is truly helpful.

Try Evalinator for 21 days risk free.

But wait. We don’t want to sell you on something just like that. Before you subscribe, check to see if Evalinator is right for you. That way you will know if using Evalinator will work for your email marketing woes.

We’ll see you around!

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