5 Actions You Can Take Today to Grow Your Business Faster

Are you ready to grow your business faster and take it to new heights? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the different strategies and tactics out there?

Look no further.

In this blog post, we will guide you through some of key elements of business growth and also provide you with a valuable tool to assess your progress.

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Business Growth Quiz


Here are 5 actions that you can start taking today to grow your business faster.

1. Narrow Your Focus

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is trying to target everyone.

Are you doing this?

While it may seem counterintuitive, narrowing down your audience is essential to accelerate and grow your business faster. By clearly defining your target customer base, you can focus your efforts on those who are most likely to benefit from your experience and products or services.

How? Your messaging becomes crisper, your content becomes more streamlined, your sales conversations are more on point, and your brand identity sees a boost. You will see benefits all around.

You can typically narrow your focus by:

  1. Vertical Play: Focusing on a specific customer segment and serving them with multiple services
  2. Horizontal Play: Focusing on a specific service but targeting multiple segments

Remember to create an overarching theme if you have multiple services – how they come together. But be careful to not create a theme just for the sake of it. If it feels generic to you, it probably is and you need to go back and narrow your focus further.

This is tough, but extremely important. As you grow, you can slowly use expansion strategies but only when you have an established growth model. Business typically do that by creating new business units and product lines but maintain the overall value proposition.

Tip 1: Visualize focus by closing your eyes and imagining your favorite company or brand (B2B or B2C). Then note the positioning or the first words that comes to mind. That’s the power of focus or brand identity. Bring that to your business.

Tip 2: Create offers that solve urgent and important problems. This is also covered in the business growth quiz.

2. Have a Good Lead Magnet

There is no need to frown at how lowly this sounds. A lead magnet is nothing but a valuable piece of content or resource that you offer in exchange for your audience’s contact information (a relevant lead).

It serves as a starting point for initiating conversations with potential customers.

Think about it. When was the last time you clicked on an ad and made the purchase? No complex service or product was sold in this one step.

But you did sign up for a webinar or download a checklist after seeing it only once. And it probably took that company several touchpoints before you gave them any more serious consideration.

So, familiarity leads to sales. And the lead magnet is the first step in starting that process towards familiarity and finally sales.

These steady flow of leads help you grow your business faster.

Your lead magnet should provide genuine value and resonate with your audience’s needs. Whether it’s an assessment or a quiz on Evalinator, an e-book, a webinar, or a free consultation, your lead magnet should capture their attention and compel them to take the next step.

Tip: Be sure to make it valuable to start off on the right foot. And define the next steps clearly: for example, what happens after someone engages with your lead magnet resource? What’s your plan to start increasing familiarity and engagement?

3. Offer a Well-Defined Discovery or Strategy Call

Analyze the current stateFor any B2B business – small or big, once you have engaged and built some familiarity, the strategy call is a very crucial step that signals that your prospective client is serious about considering you. (Unless of course your products can be bought online, are not very high ticket, and you offer a free trial or return.)

So make the strategy call count.

It’s not uncommon to go into the strategy call with your pitch. But it’s equally important for you to gauge the client’s situation first. Do this by asking:

  1. What are their problem?
  2. Why do they think they have it?
  3. What they have done so far?
  4. What seems to be working?
  5. What are their short and long term goals?
  6. What are they willing to commit (RoI) etc.?

If you used an assessment/quiz on Evalinator, then you probably have a lot of this information already and you can get to the details quicker for a more fruitful conversation.

Once you have engaging the client, then you can tailor your pitch and help the client visualize a roadmap to their success through your pitch.

Thus, offering a well-defined discovery or strategy call can be an excellent way to establish a personal connection, understand their specific needs, and showcase the value you bring.

Tip: To maximize the value from a discovery call, clearly communicate the outcomes clients can expect from these calls, emphasizing how they will benefit from your expertise. If possible, use a questionnaire on Evalinator to gather information before the call so that you dig deeper on the call.


Business Growth Quiz

4. Pursue and Position External Validation

External validation plays a crucial role in building trust and credibility to grow your business faster.

When clients hear and read about you from external and mostly neutral sources, it builds up your position as an expert in their mind. It’s a great way to become more familiar to the client.

Some of the ways to do this are:

  1. Seek opportunities to earn backlinks from reputable websites within your industry.
  2. Encourage satisfied clients to provide testimonials that highlight their positive experiences with your products or services.
  3. Create partnerships with other reputed players in the industry.
  4. Additionally, leverage media mentions to establish yourself as an authority and gain visibility.

External validation acts as social proof, reassuring potential customers that you and your business are reliable and trustworthy.

Tip: Sometimes clients don’t want to be named in testimonials. It’s perfectly ok to publish anonymized stories that show the impact created. In addition, don’t wait to create massive impact for your clients before you write a testimonial. Convert small projects and engagements into stories for your prospective clients.

5. Create a Meaningful Content Calendar

Go beyond content marketing?If you agree that your prospects will NOT buy on the first interaction with you, then you must create familiarity and engagement them.

One of the best ways to do that is to publish relevant content that you can engage them with. B2B businesses can send the content over by email, publish on social media, do a webinar on it, and so on.

Consistency and quality is key when it comes to content creation. It shows your clients and prospects that you are serious about your chosen field.

The content does NOT have to be long form content every time. It can also be a short insight that you can share by email or post on social media.

However, developing a well-structured content calendar helps you stay organized and ensures that your messaging is aligned with your business goals.

For example:

  1. Is your content addressing your clients pain areas?
  2. Is your content covering your service areas fully?
  3. Is your content adding to the sales conversation you want to have with clients?
  4. Is your content helping clients do things themselves? (things they won’t engage you for anyway) – this builds trust

Quality, not the length of content, builds mindshare and positions you as a trusted party in your clients’ minds. So tailor your content to address your audience’s pain points, offer valuable insights, and establish your expertise.

Tip: You can make your content interactive by creating a quiz on Evalinator. That provides personalized value to your clients and prospects. By providing consistent, meaningful and interactive content, you can build a loyal following and strengthen your brand’s reputation.

Get Started

Evalinator maturity assessmentIt’s time to evaluate where you are and then get started by doing. To assess your current state in detail and to get personalized feedback, take the Business Growth Quiz.

This quiz has 16 questions that will help you evaluate your current strategies and identify opportunities to enhance your business’s performance.

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Remember, success lies in defining your audience, creating compelling offers, create a value-exchange, pursuing external validation, and consistently delivering meaningful content.

Embrace these principles and the tactics outlined in the business growth quiz, and grow your business faster.

Good luck on your journey to growth and prosperity!