Actionable Sales & Account Planning

Systematically drive key account & new business growth by using data driven and actionable account planning and roadmaps that have client buy-in. Measure and improve client relationships, account health, service or product footprint, ABM effectiveness & CSAT.


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Key Benefits

Monitor and take action on leading indicators and client relationships for systematic growth

Actionable Account Planning

You invest significant time engaging in account planning & strategic growth discussions. Don’t let your account plans gather dust. Make them actionable and drive results systematically.

Data Driven Strategy

Address both leading and lagging indicators. Standardize expectations and reduce information clutter. Drive focus to the most important drivers such as relationship strength, footprint, storytelling, ABM effectiveness.

Consultative, Value Selling

Sales requires building trust. Your clients want to know that you are putting their mission and goals first. Now you can do that by creating a shared vision that has buy-in from your clients. Personalize your offers and position yourself as a trusted advisor. 

Eliminate Waste

Growth planning should not need to be started from scratch every cycle. But despite well meaning spreadsheets and onerous CRM customizations, that’s what happens. Now eliminate the waste and maintain context from one planning cycle to another.

See What Evalinator Can Do For You

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You are responsible for growing existing accounts, or converting new ones. In both cases you need to engage your clients on a shared vision and collaborative roadmap so you can become a trusted partner



Life & business coaches not only have onboard clients, but they have to focus on the outcomes as well. Now you can create accountability and data backed, long term coaching relationships.



If you are looking to improve lead generation quality and a highly relevant content calendar, then Evalinator will help you do exactly that. Be in the critical path with sales and subject matter experts. Deliver growth and targeted ABM. 


Revenue Managers

If you manage a sales team and a portfolio of accounts, then you will love how your account planning can be data driven, actionable, and collaborative to systematically drive growth. Measure and improve client stakeholder relationships, account health, footprint quality, ABM, & CSAT all in one actionable dashboard.

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Customizable Templates

Measure all the right things and easily make actionable plans to drive growth

Stakeholder Relationship Matrix
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Account Footprint Dashboard
Client Experience Management

How It Works

3 Easy Steps


Start with a customized workspace which already has the right measures built in – CSAT, relationships, account footprint, opportunity areas, storytelling capability, client goals, and any others that are relevant to you.


This landing pad becomes your cockpit. Invite your team to it. Engage clients to provide inputs as needed. Measure leading indicators and create your strategy. Consolidate your action items and make them trackable.


Take the right actions to cement current relationships and access new ones. Drive cross-functional accountability. Carry over context from one revenue cycle to next. Create a predictable, mutually beneficial pipeline.

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New business development

If you focus on acquiring new clients as an expertise based seller, then use this self-assessment to see if Evalinator will help you. Evalinator helps you personalize your sales follow-ups and accelerate the sales cycle. On the results page you will also see how you compare to others.

Account Management

If you focus on acquiring new clients as an expertise based seller, then use this self-assessment to see if Evalinator will help you. Evalinator helps you personalize your sales follow-ups and accelerate the sales cycle. On the results page you will also see how you compare to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, our goal is to integrate with your CRM so that you don’t have to duplicate or store customer information in multiple places.

Yes, your data is only available to you and the team that you authorize.

By signing up for early access you get exclusive discounts on your subscription when you decide to take it. You also get to request specific features and influence our roadmap. And most importantly, you can get started with accelerating your sales growth immediately!

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