Assess. Action. Affirm.

Evalinator is a powerful tool for coaches, consultants, and sales leaders. It helps you engage your clients to assess the current state, create and execute a collaborative action plan towards the desired state, and showcase the value of your products & services over time.

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How It Works

Engage in a meaningful conversations with clients. Lead with powerful insights and a collaborative action plan towards the desired goals.

Define Point "A"

Everything starts with measurement. Whether its coaching, consulting, marketing, or sales, all actions are trying to get your clients from point A to a desired state. Evalinator’s versatile interactive assessments help you define that point A (the initial state).

Champion The Vision

One of the biggest barriers to securing buy-in is a vision of what improvements must be made. Evalinator’s benchmarking and analysis tools enable you to align interested stakeholders to a common understanding. That drives meaningful conversations.

Create Shared Accountability

Whether it’s your own account planning or a client that you are working with, you need a collaborative action plan that stems directly from the desired vision. Evalinator’s goal setting and tracking makes progress enjoyable and purpose driven.

Demonstrate Value Delivered

Showcasing value delivered is the key to client satisfaction, retention, and growth. But while you are heads down in execution, this is often not easy to do. Evalinator gives you the tools to effectively and quickly demonstrate the value as it is created.

“We coach C-suite clients. Evalinator enables our thought leadership to be experienced first hand. It immediately helps our clients assess where they stand. We then use our expertise to take them on a collaborative journey towards the desired outcomes.”

Spiria Inc

Enabling Talent Transformation

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Organize

Organize your unique expertise to create diagnostic assessment models for your area of interest – you can target both new client acquisition or existing account growth.

Use our many readymade templates to make this easier.

2. Connect

Invite your audience (team members, clients, or partners) to this landing pad.

Define the current state, and create a collaborative plan towards the goal so that everyone is clear on what outcomes should be driven – both short and long term.

3. Achieve

Collaborate using goals. Unlike tasks, goals in Evalinator are always linked to the desired vision leading to shared accountability.

Demonstrate value delivered over time in a quantifiable manner. Grow systematically.

“As an digital services firm, it is important for us to build client confidence. Evalinator instantly does that. We highlight best practices in multiple aspects of digital marketing in our assessment, and we are able to stay in touch individually using personalized insights.”

Start Designs

Start Designs

Digital & Creative Agency

Who We Serve

If you focus on the client’s goals and help them improve their performance, then Evalinator is right for you.



As a life or business coach, you have to help clients see the progress they have made over time, generate new qualified leads for your business, and convert them to active clients. With Evalinator, you can do all this with ease and create strong, long term relationships. Grow your practice the right way.


Product & Professional Services

You are looking to create active client engagement that sustainably grows over time. At the same time, you spend a significant amount of time in account planning and quarterly tracking. Now with Evalinator, you can drive client centric internal collaboration, and adopt consultative selling to truly create win-win relationships.



As a life or business coach, you have to generate new qualified leads for your pipeline, convert them to active clients, and then help them see the progress they have made over time. With Evalinator, you can do all this with ease and create strong, long term relationships. Grow your practice the right way.



If you manage a service line or product, then you wear multiple hats supporting sales, marketing, and client engagement. With Evalinator you can execute your GTM plan by actively enabling sales & marketing while engaging clients on a shared vision and roadmap.

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As a sales leader, you must grow existing accounts and also convert new ones. Measuring leading indicators such as relationship strength and opportunity map is vital. See how you can mobilize your cross-functional team, while also engaging clients on consultative roadmap. Become a trusted partner.



Your brand is more than just words. Now improve your funnel with a highly relevant content calendar and calls-to-action. Be in the critical path with sales and subject matter experts. Deliver growth and targeted ABM.

What do our customers think?

Our customers use Evalinator to drive expertise led client engagement.

Integrate Your Email System or CRM

Evalinator makes it easy to connect with your favorite email marketing system or CRM. Segment and create personalized nurturing email sequences, or keep track of sales stages and revenue in your CRM. With Zapier & Evalinator, you can connect to hundreds of systems within minutes.

Not decided on an email system or CRM yet? Not to worry, you can just use Evalinator, or send data easily to a handy spreadsheet or even your email!

“We created an assessment on Serverless computing to engage clients. Our top of the funnel approach is to drive people to it so we can begin a personalized dialog based on our expertise and their needs. That helps us optimize the lead qualification and nurturing processes.”



Full Stack Serverless Company

Give Your Sales & Marketing a Boost

Sell and engage like an expert should. Generate more leads and upgrade each client touchpoint into a conversation.

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