Use Diagnostics to Build A Shared Vision With Clients

When you lead a professional services practice or product, you must engage sales, steer marketing, and drive client growth. With Evalinator you can systematically do all that. Create powerful interactive maturity models, enable a shared transformation vision for clients, and drive thought leadership by unlocking your unique insights and expertise.

Benefits to You

Generate and close more leads, engage existing clients, and build your brand.


Every value proposition has a story behind it. Unlock that story with interactive maturity models that engage clients and tangibly showcase your unique expertise. Quickly fill your leads funnel with qualified prospects. Set up next steps through personalized insights. 


Annual growth depends on deep client relationships. Create a transformation journey jointly and engage using well defined goals and milestones. Upgrade every conversation. Be the strategic partner clients will trust to take the next step with.  

Build Your EXPERT Brand

Rise above the noise. No more worrying about the endless cycle of generating eBooks, blogs, videos and newsletters. Now effortlessly showcase your expertise with targeted thought leadership articles and evergreen content. Establish yourself as a trusted expert.

Accelerate sales cycles

Take charge. Support your sales touchpoints with lead nurturing material that is personalized to every client. Improve conversions by exchanging the right value with every touchpoint. Become a reference anchor in the minds of your prospects. It’s just science.    

“As a digital agency, it is important to build customer confidence in such a crowded market. Evalinator instantly does that. We highlight best practices in multiple aspects of digital marketing & commerce in our assessment. We are able to stay in touch individually using personalized insights. It gives us a focused way to engage and develop targeted content.”

Start Designs

Start Designs

Digital & Creative Agency

What Other Coaches are Saying

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Featured Resources for Experts

Take the next step of creating an interactive assessment. We’ll be there every step of the way.

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How to build trust during a sales cycle?

“We created an assessment on Serverless computing to engage clients. Our top of the funnel approach is to drive our target audience to it so we can begin the dialog and then sustain it based on our expertise. Evalinator helps us optimize the lead qualification and nurturing process leading to well defined discovery sessions.”



Full Stack Serverless Company

Expert Assessment Examples

Customize our templates to make an assessment that is unique to your expertise and client engagement plan.

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Are You a Data Driven Business?

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The Cloud Maturity Assessment

Benchmark Your Digital Maturity

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Is Blockchain Relevant To Your Business? 

Let Your Expertise Shine

Focus on what you do best – helping your clients.

Create a Shared Vision with Clients

Use the proven framework of assess-plan-execute-measure to engage clients on an actionable journey.


Start with an as-is assessment, and then set relevant goals towards the target state. Align your product or service to those goals. Help clients make tangible progress.


Business Roadmap

Unlock Content Marketing

Say goodbye to writer’s block. Your interactive models make for the perfect content calendar. Your Evalinator assessments provide you updated data to lead with insights.


Your marketing team will love the consistent inflow of topics and content. Share solutions and innovations in a personalized manner in various formats such as blogs, newsletters, and interviews around your evergreen anchor content.


Drive the right SEO and improve lead generation levels effortlessly.

Turbo Charge Sales Pursuits

Research shows that between 7-10 quality touchpoints are needed with prospects before they take a meaningful next step with you.


Enable your sales teams with the right material and insights to follow-up consistently and get to that next step. Whether it’s a workshop, a discovery session, or simply an analysis of needs, your expertise can shine only when you get that platform.   


With Evalinator, each touchpoint is relevant and contextual.  When prospects receive something that is helpful to them, your thought leadership quotient and brand value goes up. Put that on auto-pilot!

“There are parallels between how principles of science can be applied in life. I published a book titled Life Imitates Science detailing these principles (available on Amazon). I work with clients and help them gain a clearer understanding as to what may be mitigating them from moving forward. Evalinator allowed me to easily offer both life and business assessments to clients. These assessments channel my experience and expertise into an excellent client relationship starter, and also as an ongoing coaching tool based on benchmarking and goal setting”


The Epiphany Experience

Achieve Your Goals


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Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

Business Storytelling Assessment

How it works

3 Easy Steps


Organize your passive website copy, checklists, frameworks & presentations into a series of linked interactive models. Use our templates. We will help.


Invite prospects to your new diagnostics & roadmap creation tool. Engage clients to collaborate on a shared vision. Cement current relationships and access new ones.


Be the partner that clients will trust to reach their goals with. Allow your offers to surface naturally and create a predictable, mutually beneficial pipeline.

Experts, Is Evalinator Right For You?

We created a custom assessment just for you. It will help you decide if you should give Evalinator a shot.

If you manage a professional services practice, a product, sell to clients, or manage accounts, then we think Evalinator is the perfect tool for you.


Use this self-assessment to see for yourself if this will be a good fit. Evalinator helps you refine and position your unique value proposition. It works well for generating qualified leads and also for growing existing client relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mantra is simple – to help you succeed.

Evalinator is a 3-in-1 system that helps you generate and classify prospective customers, grow existing client relationships, and  lead with personalized and meaningful insights. You start by creating one or more interactive assessments that channel your expertise.

If you use our predefined templates, you can customize and publish your assessments in as little as 30 minutes. The timing will depend on how much you want to customize and add to your assessment. This may include gathering the right pictures, thinking of the right questions to include etc. You can edit your assessments as many times as you need to so your first iteration is not set in stone.

Yes, we are here to help. We know you are juggling so many items already. Send us the information needed (the assessment you have in mind, questions, pictures, etc), and we will create your assessment for you. Then you can put the finishing touches, approve it, and get ready to launch!

Yes, all features are available for the trial period.

If you decide not to continue after the trial period, you can simply cancel your subscription online and remove the assessments from your website.

Yes you can! That is often the best experience for your clients. And while you set that up, you can still use the URL we provide you to begin engaging your clients immediately.

our assessment will automatically collect email addresses, and Evalinator will automatically send them to the email marketing platform that you choose. We integrate through the Zapier ecosystem that is connected to most marketing automation and CRM platforms. You can also choose to send the information to a Google spreadsheet or email. If you do not have an email marketing platform, the information will still be within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. The information from your assessment is only visible to you. See our privacy policy.

Yes you can. If you do not use an email marketing platform, the information will be kept within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. The information from your assessment is only visible to you. See our privacy policy.


Yes, the information from your assessment is only visible to you and your respondents, and is not shared with anyone else. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details. We will also comply with the European GDPR rules.

Yes, our plans are monthly and you can cancel anytime.

You can simply do that from your dashboard. We make it hassle free for you.

Give Your Offers a Boost

Sell and engage like an expert should. Generate more leads and upgrade each client touchpoint into a conversation.