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Re-imagine customer experiences for a connected world. Don't just build a digital strategy. Instead build a strategy for the digital world. That's a big difference.

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By taking this assessment, you are taking the first bold step towards mastering the moment and taking charge! And to match that, I will upgrade your complimentary discovery session to 45 minutes from the regular 30 minutes. During that session, we will review your self-assessment and begin to create a strategy for you. Be sure to leave your email address while taking the assessment.

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As is evident from what's happening all around us, traditional product strategies are inadequate for the connected, digital world. The possibility of being leapfrogged is high, while the costs of acquiring and retaining customers is skyrocketing.

In the digital world, we must "operate with context". I have created this model so you can evaluate where you stand on 5 different dimensions that are critical to "your strategy in a digital world", not just a digital strategy.

This assessment takes about 15 min.


  • 1.

    Connecting: Matching brand marketing with actual customer experiences

  • 2.

    Reinforcing: Becoming our customers' reference point

  • 3.

    Un-Commoditizing: Being different so it actually matters

  • 4.

    Presenting: Creating synergies between product and business lines

  • 5.

    Partnering: Creating an ecosystem to meet broader customer journeys

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